“Citizen income is immoral for those who do not complete compulsory education”: Minister Valditara wants a stop for 140,000 young people

Defines the result of “disturbing” research and judge “morally unacceptable” the fact that 140 thousand under 30 perceive the Basic income despite not completing theobligation of the school curriculum. In short: if they don’t return to the benches, they will lose the state subsidy that the Meloni government he just zoomed out in the maneuver providing for its cancellation in 2024. The exit on wasn’t enough socially useful work to be imposed on students who do not have the ability to comply with the rulesthe Minister of Education and Merit Joseph Vallettara he places another one destined to be discussed.

The proposal starts from a datum, obtained from a research commissioned precisely in the context of the modification of the citizen’s income, which has photographed the situation of the recipients of the subsidy by age group: “There are 364.101 citizens’ income recipients in the range included between 18 and 29 years old”, explains the minister. In this basin, here is what Valditara calls the “discovery”: they are 11,290 the perceivers who possess “only the Primary school diploma or even no title” and others 128,710 “only the title of middle School diploma”. It is “morally unacceptable” that these people are among those who can receive the income: “It would mean – she said – legitimize and even reward a violation of the law”.

The motion? “We believe that there should be an obligation to complete the route school for those who have it illegally interrupted or a path of professional training in the case of people with higher education qualification but not busy nor engaged in training updatesin both cases, under penalty of loss of income, or any welfare measure that will replace it from 2024″. Valditara’s judgment is clear: “These kids prefer to receive income rather than study and train to build their own decent project of life”. The proposal that emerged in the light of the “surprising and disturbing” result of the research, claims the minister, “shows how the word I deserve in vision mine and the government is not a rhetorical tinselbut constitute a exact address politic”.

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