Cinthia Fernández’s daughter slapped her in an Instagram video: "He accommodated the chakras"

Between his conflictive separation with Matías Defedericothe father of her three daughters, Cinthia Fernandez spends his days fighting for the food quota that corresponds to him. When she is not pursuing her complaint, her mother spends her time with her children. The three girls usually make appearances on their mother’s networks, but his last publication caused the surprise and questioning of his followers.

Look at the questioned video of Cinthia Fernández and her daughter!

This Sunday, Cinthia Fernandez reappeared in one of her colorful sports outfits for her Instagram followers, in what appeared to be her own interpretation of one of the popular challenges of TikTok. However, his dance was violently interrupted. when one of his daughters appeared on the scene to slap him.

His last video beat him to Cinthia Fernandez the usual friendly comments, with her followers praising her body and her sense of humor. Secondly, the video generated serious questions from users on Instagramwho were concerned about the “sopapo” that Cinthia received from her own daughter.

“It accommodated the chakras”commented a follower, still with humor. “What is the need of the blow to the mother?”limited another follower. Sorry, but I didn’t find it funnynobody asked me for my opinion, but I say it the same”, “Dislike… a son should never even jokingly raise his hand to his motheradded other accounts.

Cinthia Fernández was questioned about her last video.

Cinthia Fernández celebrated a great victory a few days ago, and he also did it on his Instagram account. After the Justice approved the resolution that made the embargo effective against Matías Defederico, the father of her daughters, for 2 million pesos of alimony, the single mother danced in her underwear in celebration. “In fret I claimed, in fret I will celebrate”wrote the panelist from “Moment D”.

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