Cinthia Fernández obtained a perimeter order against Ulises Jaitt: the details

Cynthia Fernandez She carried out several complaints against people who harassed her on social networks. One of them is Ulises Jaitt, who attacked her in different Twitter messages and Justice gave rise to one of the requests of the former panelist from “The Angels of the Morning”.

According to what he could know, the misdemeanor court number 11 agreed with the model and considered that the virtual attacks of Natacha Jaitt’s brother presented a danger to her. That is why They issued a perimeter order so that the driver cannot approach the places frequented by Matías Defederico’s ex-partner.

Roberto Castillo, in charge of Fernández’s defense, requested the measure to protect the psychophysical health of his client. In addition, the order also includes the removal of the tweets that led the panelist to go to court. Among the publications, it was possible to read: “Cinthia Fernández’s campaign, what level of proposal? Who advises her? The next time she will say: ‘What is more serious? Fuck me… in 4 or these politicians fuck them… in 4′” .

Cinthia Fernández obtained a perimeter order against Ulises Jaitt.

Like little, Jaitt will also not be able to name her or post images and information about her publicly. This could include the inability of the defendant to provide an answer through their social networks, as is the case in many media disputes.

It should be remembered that Cynthia Fernandez also took the youtuber to court Matías Bottero for attacking her in her videos. Beside More Rial, obtained a precautionary measure so that they are not named in the content published by the influencer.

A judicial setback for Ulises Jaitt.

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