Cinephile Court debate: Was ‘La Casa de Papel’ one of the greatest series ever made or was it lost?

We gather here in this virtual venue of the STC (Superior Cinephile Court) for the decisions of the 7th art lovers interested in Cinephile Process #20: “La Casa de Papel” in the Pop virtual court, given by the outstanding film judges Rafa Gomes and Rapha Camacho.

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The production being debated this week had five seasons (so far) and 34 intense episodes. Available at Netflix.

Synopsis: A group of thieves, led by the Professor, prepare the robbery of the century at the Mint of Spain, with the objective of manufacturing their own money in incalculable and never-before-seen quantities.

Enjoy watching:

To debate the arguments about this work from the universe of series, here is the presentation of the distinguished guests:

The film buff from São Paulo who works in the insurance area but her passions are movies and series, Bia Martins.

The film buff, from Rio de Janeiro, audiovisual producer who loves to create stories being his main focuses, scripting and directing, Marcus Garcia.

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Send messages throughout this program which we will display whenever possible. The Cinephile Court #20, takes place this November 4th, 24th, live on Cinepop’s Youtube and Facebook.

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