Cindy Sander: the former big star of reality TV (Nouvelle Star, Les Anges) appears in a bra and reveals a CA-NON silhouette!

“Make peace with my body…” These are the published words of Cyndi Sander in a video posted on Instagram. In the real world, we see the body of the sublime 43-year-old woman. Muscular and a flat stomach, she is no longer ashamed to show herself in front of the camera.

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She is wearing a black lace bra and leggings in the same color. Music is coupled with images, that of Amel Bent, My philosophy. No less than 191 people love the singer’s post. Internet users are touched by the message carried by the former celebrity of the New Star. “You can be proud of how far you have come” encourages one person. Someone else comments “Well done! for having so much determination. “

More radiant than ever, she went through difficult trials to reach her ideal weight. In January 2021, she told the Journal des femmes that she had lost no less than 45 kilos. “It took me 3 years of work. I did a lot of sports and lost 40 to 45 kilos. I have become redhead and I feel more of a woman than ever, ”she told the media. She was on a ketogenic diet, it is a technique well known in Hollywood (Kim Kardashian, Rihanna or Gwyneth Paltrow practice it to lose weight) which consists of reducing as much as possible or even completely removing sugars from her diet. She continues to practice sports daily to keep a perfect figure. “Food is not everything. If you want to have a beautiful body and lighten a few pounds, you have to move your buttocks. It would be necessary to practice sport at least thirty minutes a day ”then assured the artist.

In her new life, Cindy Sander feels much more like a woman, she has found a smile and a taste for life. A remarkable and exceptional performance that leaves Internet users mouths bay when it comes to its transformation.


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