“Ciao ciao” resounds at Matteo Salvini’s rally in Lampedusa, the List Representative blurts out: “Becero abuser of hit”

Bye bye at the meeting of Matteo Salvini in Lampedusa? The List Representative, which with this song presented in Sanremo 2022 has scored a real hit, certainly is not honored. “We hear that at Salvini’s rally the DJ put #ciaociao. Our curse is about to fall on you, you vulgar hit abuser“: With these words, in fact, the duo made up of Veronica Lucchesi and Dario Mangiaracina commented on the episode. The secretary of the League today and tomorrow he will be in Lampedusa, and after being made aware of the tweet from The Representative of the List he has decided to reply via social. “Dear Representative, I honestly didn’t notice it as I was in the midst of so many beautiful people. Hoping the curse won’t take effect, I confess (mea culpa) that I really like your #ciaociao“. During the days of the Festival, however, Salvini had spoken of a “communist greeting” on stage, probably referring to a passage in the choreography of Bye bye owned by the List Representative.

Music and politics, the precedents – It is not the first time that music resounds at the rallies of Matteo Salvini. It had already happened in 2019, when Andrea Bocelli, learning that a song of him had been used at an event of the leader of the League, had made it known: “Does Salvini use my songs at his rallies? I’m glad to hear it. But I’ve never played with him. I was at the piano and he listened kindly ”. And certainly Salvini is not the only example of a union (more or less desired by artists) between music and politics. We remember Matteo Renzi who, trying to speak to the youngest, had tried his hand at the execution of There is no music by Coez, and again Adele, Neil Young, Rem, Rolling Stones who lashed out at Donald Trump for using them during his speeches.

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