Ciacci to Gf ​​Vip, Signorini reveals: “Being HIV positive he could not participate, Mediaset changed the rules for him”

The news of the seropositivity of Giovanni Ciacci made a lot of noise, and it was an opportunity to announce its participation in the next edition of Big Brother Vip. The costume designer, however, he should have taken part in the Canale 5 program last year. To explain why he was not allowed to cross the threshold of the most spied on house in Italy is Alfonso Signorini: “Ciacci I already wanted it last year. But he tested positive for HIV, and according to the old reality TV rules, if you are HIV positive you cannot participate”Reveals in an interview with “Not that it was new, you don’t know how many actors, sportsmen, managers are; but it has always been preferred to silence it. Honor to Ciacci, on his coming out. That ban on TV was understandable in the 1980s when people always died of AIDS. But, for ten years, the patient has survived with antiretroviral treatments, he lives like a normal person. So I made it a battle of principle ”, he continues.

As for the opportunity to talk about such an important topic in a context like that of Big Brother Vip the conductor explains: “I realize that it can be out of tune. It is difficult, in a program of trains, gossip and laughter, but I think it is right to take advantage of such a large television audience – 20.90% of average over 50 episodes is a lot – and not treat the subject as ghettoized in the third evening. They give me the means for civil commitment, and I exploit them. I abandoned the games in the GF already four years ago: the reality show reflects, after all, life. Which is not only pink, it is also red, it is black. It is also the tramline in the teeth. There are the big prizes and cotillons and HIV and the wheelchair, for example, of the swimmer Manuel Bortuzzo, whom I brought into the program ”. Mediaset’s reaction? “I explained to him that we could not stop at the 80s, and that the world is changing, Mediaset has understood that there are not only rich prizes and cotillons” concludes Signorini.


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