Chyno Miranda reappears on social networks to celebrate his birthday

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After announcing in September that he would be leaving social networks for his health, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter Chyno Miranda reappeared and it was to celebrate his 37th birthday.

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That’s right, let’s remember that the interpreter was involved in a scandal due to an alleged infidelity after announcing his separation from his now ex-wife Natasha Araos; All that situation and the pressure of the press made him decide to be absent for a few months and even asked his fans to respect his decision to keep his personal and medical matters private.

Let us also remember that Chyno suffered a peripheral neuropathy as a result of the coronavirus, he was very bad but he is already recovered.

The reason for his return

Well, the Venezuelan singer decided to put the absences aside and surprised his fans with his reappearance through several stories on his Instagram account, where he celebrated his birthday with his closest friends, he even drew attention that he was also introduce your ex-wife.

Natasha Araos used her Instagram account to offer her a few words of congratulations; “Your best year started today. I wish you many beautiful things. But above all a lot of health, wisdom, evolution, joys and strength so that you continue to enjoy this wonderful adventure called life. My best wishes for you”; was the publication he made through Instagram Stories.

The truth is that the singer-songwriter has reappeared with force and all that tense situation that he lived left behind to continue his career with a firm footing.

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