Chucky creator has his say on killer doll M3GAN – bloodier horror version in the works

When it comes to M3GAN, quite a few people think of the most well-known killer doll, Chucky. Now its creator has commented on the killer competition and welcomed the newcomer.

The best known, most popular and most notorious killer doll in film history is undoubtedly Chucky. Since serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) possessed a toy doll with a magical ritual shortly before his death in 1988, Chucky has haunted unfortunate souls in a total of seven films and one reboot and entertained fans all over the world. Since 2021 there has also been a series called “Chucky”, which is considered a direct sequel to the films.

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No wonder, then, that there is no way around Chucky and that every killer puppet has to be measured against the forefather of evil puppet theater. Of course, this also applies to M3GAN, which, as a highly developed, adaptive android with unprecedented artificial intelligence, is far superior to Chucky’s limited physical abilities. Nevertheless, she too will have to bow to the suspicious scrutiny of Chucky and his creator Don Mancini. Last year there was a first swipe on Twitter from the red-haired killer doll:

Chucky: “Wise advice: don’t mess with the Chuck.”

M3GAN: “Lol, Chucky, please.”

Don Mancini, on the other hand, reacts much more friendly, the M3GAN shortly before the cinema release (in this country on January 12, 2023) welcomed via Instagram:

“Welcome to the dollhouse, M3GAN. Kudos to the newcomer on their opening weekend! I can’t wait to see you in action. And I know Chucky feels the same way.”

With these warm words from Mancini and his Chucky at the theatrical release, things can only go well for the very first horror film of 2023. You can see what other horror works you can expect in our Video.

“M3GAN”: Considerably harder version conceivable for home cinema

In Germany, “M3GAN” will be released in cinemas with an age rating of 16 and over. So it will be horror fun with a somewhat harder pace, which was already indicated in the trailer. But originally the film was designed to be even bloodier and more brutal. This was revealed by screenwriter Akeela Cooper in an interview with Los Angeles Times:

“I don’t want to smear Universal, I love them and I understand that when the trailer went viral, teenagers came in and you want them to be able to watch it too. It should [eventuell] an unrated version will appear at the given time. I heard this is in the works. But yes, [die ursprüngliche Fassung] was much harder. The number of victims in the script was higher than in the film. It wasn’t a massacre on Gabriel’s scale [in ‚Malignant‘], but she killed a bunch more people. Including a few figures, to which [Produzent] James [Wan] said, ‘I like what you did to these people, but I want them to live.’ I was merciless, but that’s who I am. My humor is extremely dark.”

It was not without reason that the underlying idea was “Chucky – The Killer Doll” meets “Shopping”. In the latter, teenagers are torn to shreds by new types of security robots in a shopping center; the film was indexed until 2014. Nevertheless, the theatrical version also has its charms. Director Gerard Johnstone revealed that the new scenes he shot for the FSK:16 version shifted the film even more in the direction of horror (via games radar):

“What really excited me is that when we reshot those scenes, they’re much more effective. It’s like, ‘yes, you have to cut in certain places’. But it’s fun to rely on the sound and imagination. We were trying to get this PG-13 clearance and I was like, ‘This is so much worse [geworden] than what we had before.’”

So “M3GAN” could be a candidate for a later double disc release with a theatrical version and a bloodier unrated version.

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