Chronicle HD continues its growth: it was among the four best channels in July

HD Chronicle had a great month of July in terms of rating measurements. The red license plate channel ranked fourth in the news category with a remarkable average of 1.14, according to data published by Kantar Ibope Media.

Lhe Argentine families take Crónica HD as one of the closest and most representative signals of the town. These new results are a reflection of the daily work and the growth that the signal has had over the years, which was also reflected in the Gold award at the Martín Fierro for the best information service of 2020.

In dialogue with, Facundo Pedrinidirector of the channel, assured that viewers choose HD Chronicle because “the only figure in this channel is the real country”. And he added: “Competition is defined from what it fights, it takes on dimension from the fate of its enemies, while Chronicle’s success is explained by who it defends. It is a popular contract that does not depend on social humor or a government in power to understand its place. The channel grew 30% in 1 year and is consolidated.

He also commented thatNeighbors turn to Chronicle when the corresponding institutions do not give them an answer and said: “They call Chronicle, the fourth counter of the State. In a context of need, the Marca became an auxiliary of justice, a social translator. Chronicle gets where no one counted before. Not a day goes by that this channel doesn’t change someone’s life.”

Also, Facundo Pedrini warned that the growth of the screen is due to “a good rendition of what can’t wait” and commented: “The stories that Crónica tells do not have time, because they had no mercy with them. Who counts the losses? Who deals with the sadness? Who transmits the cases that are on pause while everyone threads the electoral code. Looking at them is an act of institutional responsibility and also the answer to the fact that more and more neighbors choose us”.

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