Chronic leukemia: Nicolas Peyrac says he is in remission after 4 chemotherapy

“So far away from LA”, “I’m leaving”. The hits of singer Nicolas Peyrac quickly come to mind for anyone who has heard them. At 73, Nicolas Peyrac has kept his discreet side, but has not deserted the public scene.

Pen of many successful singers, the artist, who is also a writer, was not spared in terms of health, since he suffered from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (or CLL), blood cancer affecting the B cells, immune system cells that make antibodies.

At the microphone of France Sunday, the singer recently gave his news, he who now lives in Montreal (Canada) with his wife and daughter. Assuring to be “complete remission after having done four chemotherapy”, Nicolas Peyrac said he then suffered from an autoimmune disease. “[Elle] resulted in an abnormal drop in the hemoglobin level, which earned me numerous transfusions. But now I’m better. I just have a regular follow-up”, reassures the artist.

The follow-up mentioned by Nicolas Peyrac is essentially based on clinical examinations (palpation of lymph nodes for example) associated with biological examinations. It aims to detect a possible recurrencebut also to detect and treat any late adverse effects of treatments, note theNational Cancer Institute (INCa).

INCa estimated the number of new cases of CLL at 4,674 in 2018, of which 59% were in men, the latter being more affected than women. The median age of patients at diagnosis is 71 years in men and 73 years in women. The 5-year survival rate is over 80%.

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