Christopher Lee, the diver who slept with two sharks at the bottom of the sea

Underwater videographer Christopher Lee usually captures different types of marine species, but this time he had the luxury of sleeping next to two nurse sharks that live on the ocean floor. the video was made viral and surprised the users of the social media.

The clip was uploaded in late April, and to this day, it remains viral on social media. In the images you can see Christopher Lee taking a short nap at the bottom of the sea, next to two nurse sharks. The underwater videographer, who is shown with all the implements of his work, even makes the gesture of sleeping in front of the cameras.

According to the man, he was diving 25 meters deep, when he suddenly saw two nurse sharks resting on the bottom of the ocean, off the coast of the Maldives. Without thinking twice, he joined them, keeping a safe distance, for a short nap.

Accustomed to swimming among sharks

Nurse sharks are three meters long, according to and one of them even let out a big yawn, something that took Lee by surprise.

I am very used to swimming among sharks. The most important thing is to respect their space and never try to disturb them”Christopher assured. “I approached stealthily so as not to wake them up, it seemed like a wonderful scene, ” he added.

What are nurse sharks?

Also known as the cat shark, the nurse shark is one of the most beautiful and intimidating animals in existence, according to the site. . “Its scientific name is Ginglymostoma cirratum and it can be four meters long and weigh 110 kilos,” according to the website. Its most common habitat is the seas of Central America, although sightings have been recorded in New York (United States).

At what time does the nurse shark come out of the seabed?

Depending on the site , the nurse shark does not usually go to the sea surface and refers to being at the bottom, where everything is calmer and it feels protected. “The spaces where mud, mud or sand predominate are his favourites”.

What is a viral video?

A viral video is a video that becomes popular after being shared across the internet by multiple people through social media, online services, or specialized websites such as YouTube.

The reason why it is shared is because it causes fury and impact on the viewers who watch it, motivating them to spread it among all their acquaintances, and these in turn with their close circles and so on until reaching millions of views.

A viral video can have various types of content, ranging from the humorous to the tragic, and although in some cases, it could hurt susceptibilities, it can reach a large number of views in a short time.

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