Christophe Willem: On vacation in Brazil, the singer makes the most beautiful statement to Slimane

It is no longer a secret for anyone, the former candidate of The Voice and the interpreter of Double-dealing do more than appreciate each other since their meeting behind the scenes of a concert of the Enfoirés. A meeting that turned out to be decisive for Christophe, whose last album Rioreleased in 2017, received a very mixed reception from the public: “One day, does he remember, we were discussing what we were going to do with Amel Bent and Slimane. I explained to them that I was meeting a lot of teams to prepare my next album. Slimane told me he would like us to work together. And a few weeks later, we found ourselves in the studio with his team. It was pretty obvious. When he arrived, he asked me what I wanted to do, what I wanted to keep or not. He told me that it would be insane to just simply say to the public PS, I love you, to those who, over time, have not followed my career choices, to others who will find me. He wanted this declaration of love to be cash.

Christophe immediately adhered to this idea, and will surely not regret it today. Because Pif i love you has become a hit single, especially since the two acolytes performed this duet on July 9, during the Puy-du-Fou Live Radio. The reactions of Internet users bear witness to this: “A magnificent moment, thank you”, “Too hot!”, etc.. Christophe, very sentimental and not ungrateful for a penny, wanted to give back to his friend everything he had given him. The opportunity has just presented itself at the beginning of August.

On vacation in Brazil, the singer returned the favor to his friend, dedicating a story to him instagram : “A new extract from @Slimane’s album ‘Peurs’. Little gem to wish you a beautiful evening”. A message illustrated by the photo of the album cover, on which Vitaa’s partner spreads his angelic wings. There is no doubt that Slimane, looking at this post, must have thought of the words of their duet: “I need you, you need me”…

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