Christmas holidays, the collection of cinepanettoni on Prime Video streaming from today

Christmas holidays 95, Christmas in India, Christmas in Miami and many other cinepanettoni land on Amazon Prime Video in streaming from today 15 November 2022.

Christmas holidays 95, Christmas in India, Christmas in Miami and many more cinepanettoni land on Amazon Prime Videos in stream from today 15 November 2022 for all users subscribing to the service.

The cinepanettoni have defined about twenty years of Italian Christmas cinema, for better or for worse. Prime Video offers its users six of the most watched titles over the years, starting with the “classic” Christmas Holiday 95, through Christmas in India, Christmas in Miami, Christmas on a cruise, Christmas in Rio and Christmas in South Africa. In Christmas Holidays 95 Remo Proietti, a Roman and avid gamer, is abandoned by his wife and to attempt a reconciliation he follows her to Aspen, where she has gone to find her sister. The Milanese Lorenzo Colombo is on the same plane with his teenage daughter who in Aspen plans to meet his idol Luke Perry.

The Christmas poster in India

The Christmas poster in India

At Christmas in India we find ourselves in July 9, 1987. At the Santissima Maria Addolorata clinic in Rome, the judge Enrico Paci and the Roman trafficker Fabio De Tassis meet by chance. The two became fathers of two boys, but a sudden electricity blackout confuses the nurse who was taking the children to the nursery. After 16 years, we are in 2003, we see the two protagonists dealing with their “alleged sons” Nelson De Tassis and Costantino Paci. We will discover that the boys have characters completely opposite to those of their fathers, so as to think that the children were actually exchanged in the clinic at the time of their birth…

At Christmas in Miami Giorgio, abandoned and betrayed by his wife Daniela, leaves with his friend Mario for Miami, but discovers that he is his wife’s lover. For revenge, then, he gives in to the flattery of Stella, Mario’s young daughter, who has always been very much in love with him. Massimo, Paolo’s son and his friends, Diego and Lorenzo, also decide to go on holiday to Miami: poor Massimo, however clumsy by nature, manages to turn every adventure of the three boys into a disaster …

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The Christmas cruise poster

The Christmas cruise poster

Christmas on a cruise With Christmas approaching, Paolo, an established professional, has planned to send his wife Francesca and their son on a holiday in the snow to be able to dedicate himself undisturbed to his lover Magda. A mishap seems to shatter his plans, and things get even more complicated when his brother-in-law Felice attempts suicide after being dumped by his girlfriend. At Christmas in Rio Fabio has always been in love with his colleague Linda, but without the courage to reveal himself. Due to an exchange of e-mail addresses, Fabio thinks that Linda has noticed him and even invited him to spend the Christmas holidays in Brazil with her. But when he shows up at the airport, he realizes the misunderstanding: Linda is leaving with her secret boyfriend Gianni and what’s more the reason for the trip is to introduce him to her father who has lived in Brazil for many years. Unable to hold back, Fabio is forced to start as a third wheel.

Finally, Christmas in South Africa is a film divided into two episodes. In the first, Carlo takes a vacation in South Africa with his beloved Susanna, his second wife, but he meets his brother Giorgio, a convict with whom he is not on good terms, given that in the past he has stolen his assets and also his first wife, Marta … In the second episode, two friends – the cosmetic surgeon Rischio and the butcher Ligabue – decide to treat themselves to a short safari holiday to spend Christmas with their respective children, Laura and Vitellozzo, who have been engaged for some time. During the holiday, however, they meet Angela, a beautiful Italian-Argentine entomologist on the hunt for a rare butterfly …

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