Christmas Flow – Opposites fall in love, the review: an unlikely love under the tree

The review of Christmas Flow – Opposites fall in love: a delightful Christmas TV series about the unlikely love story of a couple destined to be together despite differences.

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Shirine Boutella and Tayc in a scene from the series Christmas Flow – Opposites fall in love

Christmas is approaching and Netflix he does not repeat it twice, enriching his catalog of films and series designed especially for the holidays. This year, among the numerous Christmas-themed productions, we also find Christmas Flow – Opposites fall in love, TV series French co-written by Henri Debeurme, Victor Rodenbach and Marianne Levy, starring the Algerian actress Shirine Boutella, best known for the role of Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem in the successful show Lupin, and Tayc, a famous French R&B singer of Cameroonian origin. Together they bring to the screen the unlikely romance between a busy journalist and a famous rapper, who really have nothing in common. Everything seems to oppose their relationship but, as we will see in ours Christmas Flow review – Opposites fall in love, Christmas will be able to bring them closer. A foregone plot? Perhaps (we still find ourselves in front of a product packaged for the holidays) but the process of change of the two protagonists is well developed, despite certain issues are inevitably trivialized.

Christmas miracle

Lila (Shirine Boutella) is a tenacious journalist who works for a web newspaper and a fervent activist of the feminist movement. Marcus (Tayc) is a famous Parisian rapper, disputed for his profoundly sexist lyrics and, for this reason, looking for a way to revive his image. The two seem to have nothing in common, indeed, their first casual meeting at a police station is certainly not the most conciliatory: Marcus, in fact, represents for Lila everything the girl has always fought against. But love, you know, often takes unexpected paths, especially when it can count on the complicity of a magical period like that of Christmas. Even if everything (including themselves) seems to strongly oppose the blossoming of their relationship, Lila and Marcus will end up getting closer and closer, learning to smooth out the differences or perhaps just discovering that they are not really so different.

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The process of change

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A scene from the French TV series Christmas Flow – Opposites fall in love

Although the happy ending of the series is as predictable as it is inevitable (we’re still talking about a romantic Christmas comedy), the development of the plot is not as obvious as one might think. What we witness during the three episodes of about 50 minutes each that make up Christmas Flow – Opposites fall in love, in fact, is a well-developed process of change that involves Lina and Marcus in equal measure, both on a professional and personal level. . Both, initially well rooted in their own positions (in some ways extreme), will gradually learn to put aside prejudices and to open up towards ideas that they have always considered in contrast with their life choices. This will not only lead them to go through a process of personal growth but will allow them to find their way to each other’s hearts, discovering that many of the differences they thought they had were, in reality, only on paper. We can therefore say that the strength of this TV series is not so much the point of arrival (inevitably predictable) as the process put in place to get there.

In the smell of feminism

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Shirine Boutella as Lila in Christmas Flow – Opposites Fall in Love

Right from the start, the intention of Christmas Flow is clear – Opposites fall in love to act as a feminist TV series. Its protagonist, in fact, is a committed journalist who, with a couple of friends / colleagues, manages a web page in which she condemns all those attitudes of male prevarication or debasement of women. Just like the lyrics of Marcus’s songs, which, in fact, the girl deeply despises. Unfortunately, however, as it was imaginable considering the light tones of the show, the topic is too trivialized, ending up bringing stereotyped attitudes to the screen that are badly reconciled with what were the premises. Not only that, some female characters, first of all that of the influencer Mel played by Camille Lou, is presented in such an extreme way that it ends up being degrading; just the opposite of what seemed to be the intentions of the series.


As we saw in our review of Christmas Flow – Opposites Fall in Love, the three-episode TV series starring Shirine Boutella (previously seen in Lupine) and French singer Tayc turns out to be a delightful Christmas romantic comedy, with unexpected attention. for the process of personal change put in place by the two main characters. Too bad for the choice of wanting to bring the feminist theme into the series at all costs, which not only is not properly developed but is even trivialized and stereotyped.

Because we like it

  • A pleasant vision with some unexpected twists.
  • Particular attention to the personal growth process of the protagonists.

What’s wrong

  • Trivialization of the feminist theme.

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