Christmas Flow on Netflix: Love for Christmas, our review

It’s time to put on your best socks and put on the tree, the Christmas season has started on Netflix. And this time it is a French creation that is in the spotlight. Tayc is at the heart of the news thanks to Dance with the Stars on TF1 which he has just reached the semi-finals. After music and dance, it is in a whole new register that we find the French artist: the romantic comedy. Known for his love songs, Tayc shows us his acting skills and gets caught by Cupid in this new Netflix series. To Christmas carols, Tayc and Shirine Boutella offer us a French romantic comedy on the streaming platform. Christmas Flow is a mixture of music, misunderstanding and love. Is the series worth a look? We tell you more.

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Will Marcus fall under Lila’s spell? – Credit (s): Netflix

Marcus is a successful rapper in France. Only, his last song does not pass: between misogynistic insults and degraded vision of the woman, it is the bad buzz assured for Marcus and his team. For his part, Lila is a young committed feminist journalist and wants to make things happen thanks to its media “The Simones” and her two friends, she even openly criticized Marcus and his songs in several articles. Two people who are opposites but who, as you might expect in a romantic Christmas comedy, will end up bonding. Like in all Christmas movies and series we know how it’s going to end but we can’t help but watch. For Christmas Flow it’s the same, even though we already know the ending it’s very satisfying to see the two characters getting to know each other and engaging like never before.

Marcus and his family for Christmas
Marcus and his family for Christmas – Credit (s): Netflix

Lila is a bubbly young woman and very determined in what she does. She knows what she wants and is not afraid of anything like her altercation with the security guard in the shopping center which earned her a fine arrest. Marcus on his side must redeem himself an image after the bad buzz of his last track. We do not want to reveal everything to you but the two young people will not make it easy … Shirine Boutella and Tayc have a good chemistry on the screen and manage to carry the series well. Without counting the small dose of humor very well done which brings this touch of lightness in addition to Christmas Flow. Besides, the series draws its strength from the situation comedy between the invitation of Lila’s family for Marcus to spend Christmas with them or Lila who takes the place of Marcus’ girlfriend during a Christmas meal, we can say that the two characters lived several totally shifted days.

Will Lila and Marcus melt for each other?
Will Lila and Marcus melt for each other? – Credit (s): Netflix

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The secondary roles played by Marion Séclin, Aloïse Sauvage or even Walid Ben Mabrouk are as endearing as each other and, we do not want too spoiler, but another small rapprochement could be born … We would like to add a little special mention for Estelle Meyer, interpreter of Lila’s sister, who is absolutely funny in his role and that we would have liked to see a little more during the episodes. Sadek is also a good surprise, he who we know for his activity as a rapper in real life keeps the same role in the series and tries to help the young people in his neighborhood. Without being too “gnan-gnan” Christmas Flow fulfills the contract and allows us to escape through a beautiful adventure full of Christmas magic. The series is overall a good surprise, Christmas Flow totally won us over.

Let yourself be tempted by Christmas Flow
Let yourself be tempted by Christmas Flow – Credit (s): Netflix

Christmas Flow it’s the feel good series without the hassle to watch, a beautiful love story as we like them. A small blanket and a hot chocolate will be able to accompany you during these few episodes. We regret despite everything the few episodes that there are which do not allow the development of many relationships, we would like to see more on Marcus’ family meal in particular. We would have liked to discover even more because in so few episodes necessarily we have a little this impression that everything is going very quickly. However, it is not these few points that will spoil the small pleasure that is the series. Christmas Flow will melt your heart. And if you still want more Christmas magic, go see Love Hard on Netflix with Nina Dobrev and Darren Barnet.

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