Christine Bravo married: the surprising list of gifts requested for her wedding

At 66, Christine Bravo has just married for the third time. The host was indeed married to Paco Cervantes, the father of her son Mathieu, then to Philippe Brunel, the father of her daughter Clara. For the past few years, she has been in a relationship with Stéphane Bachot, a 61-year-old businessman who is the president of Eau et Patrimoine, a company specializing in aquatic goods and barges in Paris. This Saturday June 11, 2022, Christine Bravo married his dear and tender, during a pretty ceremony which took place in Corsica, under the sun. The famous animator has indeed left Paris to live on the island of beauty, where she has a beautiful house with her husband: “I didn’t buy a prefab second home. I bought a beautifully renovated 17th century Genoese mill! It really is heritage” she confided to the radio. Christine Bravo nevertheless still owns a barge in Paris, on which she offers historic cruises on the Seine.
Unique wedding gifts
As tradition dictates, Christine Bravo let her guests know what she would like to receive as a wedding gift. A surprising list unveiled this Tuesday, June 14 on Instagram. “My wedding list: trees, plants and essences that will beautify the Corsican land and that will survive us for eternity. Well, there they are in a close row in front of my house… I’ll show you them planted. Hey yeah, it’s a great idea for a wedding gift, for the lucky ones who have a garden! #occhiatana #jardineriedumonolithe #Corsica“, she wrote in the caption of a photo where we see the famous plants.

A rather unusual but logical request because she is not a young bride and therefore does not need the traditional batches of crockery, home accessories or household appliances.

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