Christina Ricci on the sexualization of her body: "I’ve never worn clothes to get attention"

Christina Ricci talks about the transition from child star to adult woman and how she avoided attention on changes to her body

The Addams Family star Christina Ricci spoke about his private life and how he managed the transition from childhood to adulthood regarding his body, trying to avoid it sexualization.

Speaking of the press coverage of her evolving body, the 42-year-old actress said: “I didn’t like it. I never wore clothes to get sexual attention, because I always felt that kind of attention in a very threatening way”.

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Christina Ricci – who we will see in the highly anticipated series Wednesday from November 23 on Netflix – has always been very private about her private life. Her transition into adulthood has seen her choose edgier roles than in the past, perhaps as a reaction to an upbringing she describes as “chaotic”. If for many years her sensitivity and being in tune with certain emotions helped her career, later the actress found herself having to exclude her feelings. “It was exhausting always being so upset and in pain” he claims. This led her to take “many important decisions in a completely dispassionate way, which ended up being a problem”.

Everything changed with motherhood: the birth of her first son, Freddie, 8 years ago was fundamental for the actress as “it broke my nihilism and it was a pretty amazing change”Ricci declares to the Sunday Times Style.

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