Christina Bjørn was close to becoming X Factor host: ‘The choice was between Eva Harlou and me’

“Today I consider myself happy that I was not elected,” says former DR host Christina Bjørn.

After this season, TV 2 lacks a new host on ‘X Factor’. Christina Bjørn, who has hosted DR’s big entertainment show ‘Husk lige tandbrøsten’, was close to becoming an ‘X Factor’ host in 2014 – but was disqualified in the last round in favor of a host known today. Here she tells how it happened behind the scenes.

“I went to the casting as a host in the summer of 2013. In the end, the choice was between Eva Harlou and me,” says Christina Bjørn, who in 2013 was 29 years old and worked as a radio host on P3.

As you know, DR chose to go with Eva Harlou, who is six years older, and when Christina Bjørn looks back on the situation today, it was a difficult pill to swallow.

Christina Bjørn when she hosted ‘Husk lige tandbrøsten’ together with Christian Fuhlendorff in 2012.
Photo: Martin Sylvest Andersen

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“Of course I was incredibly disappointed. I had just done ‘Remember the toothbrush’ and was in the loop and considered for many hosting roles and shows, so it was a shame to lose at the finish line.’

She was given the reason that they wanted a more mature host.

“I was told that it would make me a better host if I had some children. At the time I didn’t quite understand it, but now later I can easily see what they meant,’ says Christina Bjørn and continues:

“When you are young, work may well become the most important thing in your life. They thought I would be a better host if I had something in my life that was more important, so I could rest better in my roles. They were absolutely right, and to this day I consider myself happy that I was not chosen.’

The 'X Factor' team in 2014: Eva Harlou, Remee, Lina Rafn and Thomas Blachman.

The ‘X Factor’ team in 2014: Eva Harlou, Remee, Lina Rafn and Thomas Blachman.

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She explains why:

“I was – and am – in no way made for the pressure that the famous hosts are under, and I was not prepared for it at all.”

Christina Bjørn can see that the reasoning may sound strange today, but adds:

“They had to say something.”

The following year, Christina Bjørn was again in the running for an ‘X Factor’ hosting – this time as a host on DR’s backstage programme, where the hosting role went to Thomas Skov.

“They wanted a man to mix it up (Eva Harlou was still the main host, ed.),” she recalls and says that she has not done TV at all since she became a mother in 2015. Instead, she has stuck to doing radio.

“I don’t rule out doing TV again, but it has to be the right thing with more substance,” she explains and briefly explains why she would say no if TV 2 suddenly asked if she wanted to be their next ‘X Factor’- host.

“I can no longer see myself in that format. I wouldn’t say yes now, because it’s too thin.’

Christina Bjørn replaced DR with the radio station in the autumn.

Christina Bjørn replaced DR with the radio station in the autumn.

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Today, Christina Bjørn is 39 years old.

In the autumn she stopped as a radio host on P4 and currently does morning radio for the radio station Classic FM instead.

Christina Bjørn also has her own speaker company, where she voices various advertising campaigns, so she currently has no immediate plans to return to the world of television.

“I’m alive and well as a radio host on Classic and have built up a good speaking business over 15 years, so a more personal format is needed before I choose TV again.”

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