Christin Kaeber teasers: Her baby will be born tomorrow!

Things are getting serious for Christin Kaeber (33)! The influencer is currently expecting her second baby. Together with her boyfriend Leons, she has been preparing intensively for the birth of her offspring for weeks. In mid-June, the beauty surprised her fans a little – she announced that she didn’t feel ready. But now she came forward with an exciting announcement: Her baby is supposed to be born tomorrow!

In your Instagram-Story shared Christian now some statements announcing the birth of their child. “I had my final examination today and was in the very best hands”, can be read there. She also posted a chat history that said today was her last day as a threesome. However, the 33-year-old kept to herself how she knows so well that tomorrow will be the day.

It is also uncertain to what extent she will let her followers participate in the important day. “I’ll probably say goodbye to you at this point and only report back with new news”wrote Christian their fans. She wants to see how it feels right.

Instagram / christinkaeber

Christin Kaeber’s second child
Leons Kogajs and Christin Kaeber

Instagram / christinkaeber

Christin Kaeber, influencer

Do you think Christin will get back to you with more details?

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