Christin Kaeber is wistful: her son is now sleeping alone

Christin Kaeber (33) has mixed feelings. In July, the influencer became a mother for the second time: together with her partner Leons, she was able to welcome a son into the world after the birth of her daughter Nia. The little one goes by the name of Lev and is obviously developing splendidly. At first, however, he demanded a lot of physical contact. That has now changed.

In your Instagram-Story reported Christianthat a lot has changed with her son recently: “Lev now sleeps in his extra bed in the evening and at night.” However, between four and six o’clock she takes him to her because both she and he still long for cuddles. But even during the day he no longer needs so much closeness: “Otherwise it was 24/7 physical contact… carry, carry, carry. I still can’t believe it and first have to get used to the newly gained freedom – above all, learn to let go.” After all, she had previously carried Lev in her stomach for ten months and on her for four months.

had a few weeks ago Christian revealed that she could well imagine having a third child. “I’m not really thinking about a third miracle either, because we still have a lot ahead of us with our two mice. But I can no longer rule it out as I had expected with absolute certainty.”said the former Survivor candidate.

Instagram / christinkaeber

Christin Kaeber with her son Lev

Instagram / christinkaeber

“Survivor” contestant, Christin Kaeber

Instagram / christinkaeber

Christin Kaeber with her partner Leons

Can you understand Christin’s melancholy?

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