Christian Nodal: the spider monkey that Belinda’s boyfriend has as a pet and the complaint that could fall on him

Christian Nodal is once again in the eye of the storm thanks to the spider monkey that he has with him as an exotic pet, which could have very serious consequences, since such possession would not be legal in all of Mexico.

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As we will remember, the singer and fiancé of Belinda has a spider monkey as a pet, which he presented some time ago on his social networks with some photographs, which were obviously criticized by animal rights defenders.

And it is that this species has been declared in danger of extinction and is protected throughout Mexico, so it would be a federal crime to have one at home as if it were a dog or a cat, as the artist has presumed in his networks social.

This is the photo that Christian Nodal shared about the spider monkey that he has as a pet. (Photo: Nodal / Instagram).


Coincidentally, this topic is once again of interest in Mexico after the actor and animal lover, Arturo Islas, spoke about it in an interview given on the First Hand program.

In addition to criticizing the interpreter of songs like “De los besos que te di te”, Islas stressed that the way in which he got the spider monkey that he has at home would be a federal crime contemplated in the laws of the Mexican country.

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“The problem with spider monkeys, as in the case of Christian Nodal, is that it is an animal protected by Mexican law and it cannot be sold as a pet. When you are a public person, it makes us cool, but we create pressure on animal trafficking because the only way to do it is illegally “Islands said.


As soon as the story of the spider monkey was known in Nodal’s house a few months ago, the act was denounced on social networks and a chain was created against him for the release, but it seems that it did not give results.

As it is typified in Mexican law, the artist could be denounced by the authorities of the country, but it is something that will depend on them and that will surely have a resolution in the future.

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