Christian Nodal: the singer’s girlfriends before Belinda

Christian Nodal He has just turned 23 years old this Tuesday, January 11 and, without a doubt, the one who could not miss the celebration is his current partner and fiancee Belinda, with whom he has formed one of the most mediatic and important relationships in the entire show in Mexico, but we will remember that she was not the only one who at the time stole the heart of the one born in Caborca, Sonora.

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Throughout his career it has been possible to know the names of the people with whom the singer has had a romantic relationship, so now we will remember who were those who ever passed through his life.

Of course, none of them have had such a strong relationship with Nodal As he currently has it with Belinda because we are all aware that last year they both got engaged and it is expected that very soon they will specify the date of the wedding that promises to attract the attention of all of Mexico and some other countries.

Belinda and Christian Nodal are one of the most media couples in all of Mexico. (Photo: Belinda / Instagram).


Lisa Maria Macías

This young woman would be Christian Nodal’s first love when they were both studying together in high school. What’s more, she became moderately known for having published a TikTok video, in which she assures that she is the singer’s inspiration for her song Te failed.

“Hey friends, can you find the song I failed you by Nodal? Well, I don’t know if they ever paid attention to the video or the story it tells. Basically Christian made that song for me. He tells the story of what happened between us and yes friends, I am the girl who was inspired and, indeed, failed me “, were some of his words.

Estibaliz Badiola

In 2018, the also singer Estibaliz Badiola began a sentimental relationship with Christian Nodal, but it would not last long due to the inexperience and youth of both, according to what she herself related. Now, she is in love with the musical artist Adriel Favela.


Nodal, in 2019 he was seen on multiple occasions with a mysterious woman named Julieta, but no more was ever heard about her, the only thing evident about her is that she was older than the singer and it was noticeable when they were seen together.

Maria Fernanda Guzman

The model and daughter of former soccer player Daniel Guzmán had been dating Nodal, but the relationship ended. The musician himself revealed that she was jealous of Belinda when there was still nothing but speculation about her participation in La Voz.

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