Christian Nodal and Belinda: the story behind their first kiss

The couple made up of Belinda and Christian Nodal It is one of the most mediatic in Mexican entertainment. It was only in May 2021 that they announced their marriage, after they made their romance official in August 2020; thus breaking with the rumors that they were only together for being part of an advertising strategy. Regarding them, we will tell you how was the first kiss they gave, which served to seal the beginning of their love story.

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Following rumors that the couple would have trouble with a label, Christian Nodal He took the opportunity to talk about it and also about his fiancée, of whom he gave details of what his first kiss was and how he finally fell in love with her.

The Mexican composer confessed in an interview with the program “The fat and the skinny”, At what point was it that you began to feel things for Belinda. Although it is true that Nodal did not want to give the name of the television space, it is speculated that it would be during his presence in “Mexico’s voice”, Production where both were judged.

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Nodal was more precise, recounting the details of how he slowly got closer to Belinda. The singer reveals that when he was in front of her he got nervous, something that had never happened before with a female.

“Well, we were on a television show together and it gives me, whenever I looked at her stage fright, you know, like when I got on stage the first time and I wanted to hide behind everyone and it could not be me in front of her and I had never happened to a woman, because she imposes too muchhe explained.

Belinda and Christian Nodal worked together in “La Voz México” (Photo: TV Azteca)

At another point in the interview, Nodal reached the time when he kissed the Spanish artist, who at first would have refused, although later everything flowed between the two, to the point that he composed a song for her that same day.

“So until the end of the show we went to rehearse at my house and I said: ‘It’s now or never’ and I said: ‘You are not going to leave without me stealing a kiss’ she said: ‘No, no’ and I: ‘Yes, yes’, and from there it has been super nice, super romantic, I wrote a song for her and I sung it for her that same night “, he asserted.

Belinda’s boyfriend continued to reveal details of his first kiss with the actress, even cataloging that moment as the ‘epicenter of his love’: I realized from the first kiss, I said ‘I’m from here’ because I found a person who complements me in many ways and we understand each other in many things that I know are difficult to fit into various things in life such as good and bad “he added.

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Christian Nodal is a 22-year-old singer that makes regional Mexican music. His talent made him able to conquer thousands of people, coming to compete with several famous groups in his country. At the age of 18 he was able to reach glory in his country and the United States when he released his first production ‘Adiós Amor’, a song that quickly became number two on the list of Billboard’s Hot Latin songs.

The fame that he quickly achieved caused Nodal to have job offers everywhere. Thus, TV Azteca, without thinking twice, proposed integrating “Mexico’s voice”As one of the coaches. There he not only promoted his image to be better known, but he discovered love with Belinda, who had already been in the middle of rumors about her relationship with Lupillo Rivera.

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