Chrissy Teigen: The “Squid Game” party that no one forgives John Legend’s wife

The Squid Game”Is one of the series of the moment. Released on September 17 through Netflix, the South Korean program captivated viewers around the world with its nine episodes, breaking a record by reaching 142 million views on the streaming platform.

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Among the followers of the show there are not only ordinary people, but also celebrities who have not hesitated to characterize themselves as their favorite characters on Halloween. One of those who held a party with the theme of “Squid game” it is Chrissy Teigen, the American model and presenter of Norwegian and Thai descent.

Due to the aforementioned celebration, Teigen has received various comments from Internet users who do not share his emotion, limiting his comment section. Find out all the details below.

Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend (Photo: Shay Mitchel / Instagram)


On November 14, the wife of John Legend held a luxurious party attended by personalities from the artistic world such as Shay Mitchel y Jesse Tyler Ferguson. In this celebration, the house that he shares with the singer was decorated in the same style of the installations of “The squid game”The attendees even dressed like the characters on the show.


Teigen chose to characterize himself as the oversized doll featured in the first gamewhile John wore a tiger mask and a black robe, like the character who watched the participants cross the glass bridge in the seventh episode.

Likewise, the guests wore the green divers with their respective number at the height of the heart as the participants, while the waiters wore the magenta suits and mesh mask that characterize the participants. game guards.

The celebration also included some of the competitions from the original series, as well as the game of the musical chair, hide and seek, put the tail on the donkey, among others.


“Where do I begin! What an absolutely epic night. My dream came true watching my friends fight to the death! “the model wrote in her post, causing all kinds of comments.

Although there were those who were pleasantly surprised with the level of decoration that the party had, there were others who considered ironic the fact that someone with so much money makes a celebration with that theme, since the series focuses on a group of people with few resources that are willing to participate in a series of games of life and death for a millionaire reward.

“This goes beyond the ignorance of a millionaire to invite his wealthy friends and recreate ‘The Squid Game’, which has its roots in the violence of capitalism”, wrote a user of Instagram.


Unlike the series, all of Teigen’s guests survived; however, there was one winner who took home an interesting reward. The more than $ 40 million with which he awarded “The squid game” were replaced by a flight to Napa City and a dinner for two at the French Laundry.

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