Chrissy Teigen: "Here are four pictures so you can get excited again"

Chrissy Teigen has to put up with shitstorms again and again. With her latest Instagram posting, she pokes fun at her haters, gives them the food they need. And make fun of it for yourself.

It’s no secret that Chrissy Teigen, 36, is not averse to beauty procedures. Whether eyebrow surgery, botox or hyaluron – the wife of musician John Legend, 43, is open to treatments. Lately, however, it seems to have lost more and more of the connection to it. Just a few weeks ago, pictures of the American had made the rounds on which she was barely recognizable.

She had to listen to a lot of criticism on the Internet for this. Exactly those commentators she is now poking fun at.

Chrissy Teigen reaches out to her haters directly

In her latest posting, Chrissy Teigen shows four photos of herself, one of them with her husband. The two are elegantly styled and apparently have a date. While John tries on an exciting trench coat in beige and black, Chrissy relies on sexiness. With the white, high-slit skirt, she only wears a black bra and a midi-length blazer over it. But the post should not be about the outfits of the two. Rather, the followers should pay attention to their faces, explains Chrissy. “Here are four pictures of me for you, so that you get excited and argue with each other and talk about my face, because that’s what always happens, have fun!”, The 36-year-old writes, effectively taking away all of her haters the wind from the sails.

Lots of support for sarcastic posting

For her sarcastic posting, the mom of two earns a lot of praise, also from celebrity colleagues who probably have had similar experiences as Chrissy. Paris Hilton posts a heart emoji under the pictures.

Many followers celebrate the 36-year-old for her way of dealing with shitstorms and discussions about her appearance, that she apparently does not take it to heart and does not let it get her down, but fights back with her own weapons. In addition to many compliments, there are also negative comments under this post. “Why four photos? She is simply a narcissist who is in love with herself,” writes about one. But there are also ironic comments that support Chrissy in her actions: “Shit. I’m doing this wrong. I only follow people and things that I like, and when I see a picture that makes me smile, I like it . I didn’t know you were here to beat people down. “

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