Chris Pratt: A Blonde’s Revenge

1.37 million euros: this is the sum thatAmazon agreed to pay to enlist Chris Pratt in the series The Terminal List, available since early July on the platform. A colossal salary, which makes him the highest paid actor on television, according to the magazine variety, especially since that’s what he gets… for each episode! It must be said that the actor is certainly one of the most bankable in current world cinema.

In just a few years, things got hectic for the native of Virginia, Minnesota! Some now see him squarely as the new Harrison Ford or the worthy successor to John Travolta and Tom Cruise combined! A question of luck or work? A bit of both, no doubt, because the man who married Katherine, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and grand-niece of John F. Kennedy, three years ago, was far from having a star destiny all mapped out. It’s very simple, in Lake Stevens, the quiet little town in the northwest of the United States, near Seattle, in which he grew up, the world of cinema was limited to the big screens of those of the “city and to the broadcasts on television”.

His mother, Kathleen Louise, is a cashier in a supermarket and his father Daniel Clifton works in a mine before converting to home renovations. We are very far from glamor and the profusion of greenbacks! “We didn’t have a lot of money. So I didn’t have toys but paper and pencils”he confided to Studio, in 2014. Chris is not necessarily an unhappy kid. He has his little success at school. By his own admission, he is a very average student. He does not hesitate to call himself a “remained” teenager in several interviews. But he is one of the strongest members of the American football team, practices Greco-Roman wrestling and athletics… Enough to ensure him a reputation as a sporty, friendly and popular guy.

When asked what he wants to do later, he replies that he wants to earn tons of money and become famous. The adults laugh, his friends too. It is certainly not thanks to his university degrees that he will succeed. He indeed stops the university in the second semester and connects the odd jobs. He will be in turn a car washer, a waiter, a house painter and even a stripper. “I was the poor man’s Magic Mike!”he will confide much later, in the emission of Ellen DeGeneres. “I was making 40 bucks every time. I was doing hen parties in my hometown, a friend’s grandma called me once. I was no good, I was just doing dancing slowly and awkwardly. That wasn’t sexy!” He migrates for a while to Maui, an island in the Hawaiian archipelago, where he works just enough to eat and pay for grass and alcohol. He then lives in a van.

From boy next door to sexy symbol

Chris Pratt, From loser to superstar

Pectorals forward, biceps on top and not a gram of fat: the Chris Pratt of the 2020s clearly belongs to the category of Hollywood handsome boys who appeal to the female sex. However, that has not always been the case! At the time of Parks and Recreation, Chris is more of a chubby type — coated in French. The click takes place when he sees himself in Zero Dark Thirtyreleased in 2013. He then decided to lose weight. “Before losing weight I weighed 150 kilos, I don’t forget that I was tired, depressed and helpless“, he confided in 2015 to Gala. “Now that I’m spending more time at the gym and watching what I eat, my sex life with my wife is much more interesting!”

Regularly lynched on the Internet

Chris Pratt is regularly referred to as “Hollywood’s most hateful Chris” on the internet and has had his fellow Avengers Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. come to his defense several times on social media. He is accused in particular of being part of the Hillsong church, which has long been homophobic. In 2019, he was also photographed wearing a T-shirt adorned with a symbol used especially by the American far right. Latest controversy to date, in 2021: he was blamed for being able-bodied, following a comment on Insta thanking Katherine Schwarzenegger for having given him a “healthy” child, while his eldest son Jack, him , had problems at birth.

Jesus Loves You!

In 2000, while he was a waiter at the Shrimp Bubba Gump Company restaurant (note the reference to Forrest Gump), he was spotted by the daughter of a famous 1970s comedian. She hired him for her first short film. titled horror Cursed Part 3, a nanar. Direction Los Angeles, therefore, for Chris, where he still lives in a van. He then decided to become an actor for good. Television will give him a chance in several series. And the blond has a hard time getting rid of the role of nice but obsessed moron with food, which will make him famous in the series Parks and Recreation. It is true that he shamelessly maintains his character, which some will call a funny redneck and others an average white American male. But average Americans just love it. It is also thanks to his popularity that his role has become recurring in the series of NBC. Like them, he enjoys hunting, fishing and cars. He also loves burgers and it shows in his love handles. Chris is famous and he begins to earn money, as he always wanted.

Lover of fishing, cars and burgers

Only here, he is a little depressed. His meeting with actress Anna Faris in 2007, on the set of One night from hell will change everything. They get married but their son Jack, born prematurely two months prematurely on August 25, 2012, nearly dies. Chris then rediscovers the path of prayer and religion. Now he can’t start a meal without thanking God. He also decides to take charge of himself and he loses weight, a lot of weight. Finished, the roles of cretins. In 2011, he co-starred with Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Strategist. Spectators are starting to notice his good looks and his abs, Hollywood producers too. To him the action blockbusters and the salaries at six zeros!

On the private side, on the other hand, his relationship with Anna Faris is falling apart. After their divorce in 2017, he became one of the most popular bachelors in LA. It was finally Katherine Schwarzenegger, then 29 years old, the eldest daughter of Arnold and Maria Shriver, who put him on the hook. The two met at church and, as good worshipers, they marry and have only one goal, to found a large family. On Instagram, they do not hesitate to encourage their community to turn to God in times of discouragement. Chris has few. From now on, he is a hit and he has realized his dream of wealth. Series Executive Producer The Terminal List for the second time, after the movie The Tomorrow War, he is now thinking of directing and will certainly succeed. Of course, this man is blessed by God(s)!

He loves being a dad!

“I don’t need to be patient with this child, he is incredible. (…) Jack is a bit like my shrink, he perceives a lot of things”, said the actor after the birth of his son, born of his love affair with Anna Faris, in August 2012. The little boy arrived two months premature and his parents were very afraid for him. Since then, Chris has been a real sugar daddy with all his kids! He indeed became a father twice with his second wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, a first time with Lyla Maria, born in August 2020, and then with a little Eloise Christina, who showed up last May. “We want a dozen children”had fun the actor during an interview with EntertainmentTonight, in May. It promises !

Two marriages or nothing!

When Chris met actress Anna Faris on the set of One night from hell, she is married to actor Ben Idra. Very quickly, she falls for her partner on the screen and, from colleagues, they become friends then lovers and lovers. “The day she told me she was going to leave her husband, I knew I was going to marry him”Chris will explain later to People. The couple married in 2009 in Bali. The distance due to filming and the success of Chris will be right in their love, and they separate in August 2017. Chris Pratt does not remain single for long. Summer 2018, he is seen with Katherine Schwarzenegger, then 29, the eldest daughter of Arnold and Maria Shriver. Very much in love and very religious, they married in June 2019 during a private ceremony in California.

His career

2002-2006: EVERWOOD It is thanks to this series broadcast on The WB channel that Chris really started his acting career and earned his first real bucks.

2009-2015: PARKS AND RECREATIONAndy Dwyer, his nice moron character, who was only to stay for one episode, becomes recurring and Chris gains notoriety.

2014: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXYChris is fighting tooth and nail to get the role of Peter Quill/Star-Lord in the Marvel movie. It’s a hit in theaters.

2015: JURASSIC WORLD The first part of the new trilogy produced by Steven Spielberg is a phenomenal success. Chris plays a raptor trainer in it.

2016: THE MERCENARY SEVENChris plays Josh Farraday, the player, in this western, remake of the 1960 film, alongside Denzel Washington in particular.

2022: JURASSIC WORLD: THE WORLD AFTERChris reprises his role in the sixth installment of the worldwide hit saga. Critics are mixed, but the spectators, them, always at the rendezvous.

2022: THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER The Marvel saga continues for Chris Pratt who once again gives the answer to another Chris, Hemsworth, in this case.

2022: THE TERMINAL LIST Chris plays Reece, a Navy agent who is the sole survivor of a delicate mission in Prime Video’s explosive new series.

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