Chris O’Neill + Princess Madeleine: Rare interview with husband Chris, but she gets a faux pas

Prince Nicolas is visiting his Duchy of Aangermanland for the first time with his parents Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill. In a rare interview, the couple opened up about their long-awaited visit to Sweden, complete with a minimal geographic glitch.

This little mistake could certainly happen to anyone: During a rare interview with husband Chris O’Neill, 47, Princess Madeleine, 40, makes a geography faux pas. However, the joy of finally being able to enjoy the summer with the whole family in their home country of Sweden outshines everything.

Princess Madeleine: A visit to Sweden “is no longer a matter of course”

June 21, 2022 was a big day in the life of little Prince Nicolas, 7. He visited his Duchy of Aangermanland for the first time and inaugurated a discovery park at Skuleberget – a gift he received at his christening.

In the run-up, however, Madeleine’s family’s visit to Sweden caused repeated question marks. The court had to correct the exact time when the family arrived several times. Then Prince Nicolas’ birthday fell flat with his royal relatives. Due to an earache, he and dad Chris O’Neill were only able to fly from Florida to Sweden a few days later. Madeleine and her daughters Princess Leonore, 8, and Princess Adrienne, 4, had already arrived on June 14th.

Now everyone is finally together and posing – at least three of them – for the cameras on June 21st. But that’s not all: Madeleine and Chris give one of their rare interviews at a press conference. According to the Swedish tabloid Expressen, the family “longed to return to Sweden and [sei] so very happy to be here,” a visibly beaming Madeleine is quoted as saying. Madeleine and Chris also emphasize: “We’re looking forward to a long summer in Sweden, it’s the best there is. […] You appreciate every day you spend here.”

Due to the corona pandemic, it was not possible for the couple and their children to come to Sweden for a long time. The family must have missed Princess Victoria, 44, Queen Silvia, 78, and the many cousins ​​very much. A visit “is no longer a matter of course,” notes Madeleine.

“We’re up here in Västra Norrbotten now…”

Chris O’Neill is also happy to be back in Sweden, “Family time [s]with a woman and to meet friends” who “haven’t seen her much in the last three years”. He also expresses his enthusiasm for Madeleine’s home country: “It’s fantastic to come here. I have never been here. It’s a beautiful landscape.”

The princess can only agree and explains: “We are now up here in Västra Norrbotten and have finally visited the beautiful discovery park.” However, Västra Norrbotten is not a province in Sweden, Madeleine probably meant the province of Västernorrland, which is part of the Aangermanland region. A small mistake that was surely quickly forgotten.

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