Chris Hemsworth’s wife liked his "Thor"- Don’t eat muscles!

A lot of fans can’t quite understand that! Elsa Pataky (46) and Chris Hemsworth (38) have been married for twelve years and have three children together. Again and again they show that they love each other uncompromisingly. But as actors, they also have to put up with one or the other body transformation. For his film series Thor, the hottie has trained muscles. Chris‘ liked steel body Elsa but not at all!

The Australian is certainly adored by many for this, but not his Elsa: “My wife was like, ‘Eh, that’s too much'”he said in an interview with USAToday. His male friends celebrated him for his discipline and body: “But a lot of my female friends and family were like ‘Nasty’,” he added.

But how did he manage this blatant transformation in the first place? had during the pandemic Chris plenty of time to prepare for the film. He did a lot of weight training, swam a lot and also martial arts helped him to get the body. He also ate about 6,000 calories a day to fuel his muscles.

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Chris Hemsworth, July 2022
Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky in June 2019

“Thor-Love and Thunder”

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Do you think Chris Hemsworth’s body as “Thor” is too much?

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