Chris Hemsworth would like a crossover film between Marvel and DC: "It would be fun to fight Aquaman!"

Thor star Chris Hemsworth has admitted that he would be interested in a crossover film between DC and Marvel and would like to fight Aquaman.

Chris Hemsworth has revealed that he would be happy if the new role of James Gunn will be able to lead to the creation of a crossovers between Marvel and DC.
The director and producer has in fact a very strong bond with the MCU after bringing the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy adventures and will now be responsible for the new DC Studios projects for the small and big screen.

In a new interview, Chris Hemsworth has now opened up about the possibility of future Marvel and DC superheroes meeting in a crossover film: “That would be awesome… Who would it be fun to see as they go head-to-head? Thor and Aquaman, that would be fun. Jason is a dear friend of mine“.

Thor, Chris Hemsworth: “I will return to the role, but only if Marvel will give an ending to the story”

The interpreter of Thor also admitted that it would be interesting to see a fight with Black Adam, recently brought to the big screen by Dwayne Johnson.
Hemsworth also recalled the excitement he felt when there was a small crossover between the ranks of the MCU: “I remember arriving on the set of Infinity War, meeting the Guardians. And it wasn’t Thor meeting the Guardians, it was Chris meeting Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt and so on. I’m a fan like most people. Being able to work with anyone from DC would inspire me in so many ways and it would be a lot of fun. And the fans I think would love it“.

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