Chris Hemsworth thought this movie was going "ruin his career"

Today essential in Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth had a big moment of doubt on the set of a film in 2016. The actor believed that this feature film was going to cause his loss and grill him in the industry.

The rise of Chris Hemsworth

Since he became the interpreter of Thor in 2011, Chris Hemsworth moved into the superstar category. A status confirmed in the years since the Marvel movie thanks to avengers (2012), Snow White and the Hunter (2012) or even Rush (2013). But the ever more impressive numbers superhero productions were the most determining factors for it to establish itself as a star actor in Hollywood.

Today, there is nothing astonishing to see it connects the films. He was at the forefront of Netflix production Tyler Rake in 2020. And he continues this year with Spiderhead (still on Netflix) and Thor: Love and Thunder. Difficult to imagine then the actor doubting himself. However, not so long ago, Chris Hemsworth thought he was going put an end to his career because of a film.

Kevin Beckman (Chris Hemsworth) – Ghostbusters ©Sony Pictures

It was in 2016and the actor participated in the reboot of Ghostbusters signed Paul Feig. In the film, Chris Hemsworth is not the leading role, but plays the receptionist Kevin. He humorously accompanies Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, the new ghost hunters. Familiar personalities in the comic register and improvisation (they all went through the Saturday Night Live). Which is not the case of the interpreter of Thor.

In full doubt during Ghostbusters

During an interview for QG in which he looks back on his most significant roles, the actor revealed that he did not feel very comfortable on this shoot. He explains that director Paul Feig did not present him with a very detailed scenario and made him understand that he was going to have to improvise. Causing serious doubt for Chris Hemsworth who immediately thought of the end of his career.

I arrived at the studio the day before shooting started and handed me the script. I read it and said, “There’s nothing there. What should I do?” And he replied: “It’s fine, we’re going to improvise and have fun”. My first reaction was to tell myself that it was not only the end of my career, but that I was also going to ruin the whole film. That I was going to disappoint everyone, because I had never done this before.

A big moment of anguish for the actor. But he was fortunately able to count on his colleagues to guide him, allowing him not to get off too badly. If his performance did not put an end to his career (quite the contrary), the film nevertheless received a light reception at its exit. With a little less than 230 million dollars at the worldwide box office, for a budget of 144 million, we cannot speak of a frank success. Moreover, Sony preferred to relaunch the franchise once again with Ghostbusters: The Legacy (2021).

For his part, Chris Hemsworth diversified further after Ghostbusters, in a more comic register with Men in Black: International or with the Marvel productions that have become increasingly light. Once again we will have proof of this with Thor: Love and Thunder July 13 in theaters.

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