Chris Hemsworth Reveals Insane Extraction 2 Scene On Netflix: “Another Level”

Chris Hemsworth, known for being Marvel’s Thor, stars in Rescue and its sequel on Netflix. Now, he’s talking about an insane scene in the sequel.

While it looks like he died in the first film, Rake returns for Extraction 2, which will take the character to a snowier location this time around. Little is known about the film’s plot yet, but it is expected to be released on Netflix sometime next year.

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In a recent interview with Josh Horowitz as part of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Hemsworth shares what audiences can expect from Extraction 2, including the film’s ambitious sequel.

While he didn’t divulge any specific story details, the star teased that the one-shot sequence will feature an impressive (and dangerous) vehicle chase involving a train and a helicopter.

“We have an even longer sequence in the film. We had a helicopter, a moving train and the helicopter landing on the train, six guys coming out, coming down to fight me,” said Chris Hemsworth.

“I go upstairs, I get a gun. I’m filming the helicopter that is now flying backwards in front of the train going at full speed. It was wild. Then we had 300 extras in a sort of Old Boy-style choreographed fight sequence. It was wild. This movie is another level,” continued the actor.

Rescue 2 is coming

The first Extraction featured a relatively straightforward story, with the action really being the main attraction.

A behind-the-scenes trailer for the sequel has already hinted at some of what’s to come, including the train sequence and seemingly Old Boy-style fight that Hemsworth also references.

Old Boy is famous for featuring a long, uncut fight sequence, and it looks like we’ll see something similar in the Netflix sequel.

The film has already been shot and is currently in the post-production stage.

rescue is on Netflixalready Resgate 2 should arrive in 2023.

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