Chris Hemsworth Clarifies Thor 4 Co-Star Must Be Replaced In Next Marvel Movie

Chris Hemsworth’s daughter actually has a major role in the latest MCU movie. The Thor actor has now made it clear that this unique adventure will remain.

– Warning: Spoilers for “Thor: Love and Thunder” follow! –

The machinery of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is running like clockwork again and is currently bringing us along “Thor: Love and Thunder” the 29th film in the franchise (you can stream almost all of them here on Disney+). It was also for Thor actors Chris Hemsworth special, and not just because he was the first Marvel hero to get a fourth solo film. After all, are his three children seen in the movie. His son Tristan plays young Thor, who we briefly see running in the opening part of Korg’s story, while Sasha Hemsworth plays one of the children of New Asgard.

However, the biggest role undoubtedly goes to Hemsworth’s daughter Indiawho plays the daughter of Gorr the Godslayer (Christian Bale), who we as love to get to know. Adopted by Thor after Gorr’s death at the end, she subsequently forms a duo with the Thunder God, traveling across the universe in search of adventure. If we see Love and Thunder in Thor 5 or any other MCU film, Gorr’s daughter won’t be played by India again if her father has anything to do with it. Because in conversation with Kevin McCarthy, Chris Hemsworth had this to say:

“It was really cool. They really wanted to be there, you know? And Taika [Waititi] had his kids with him, Bale had his with him, Natalie had her kids too. And that’s my daughter too, she’s playing the character Love. And you know, it felt like one one-off, fun family experience. I doesn’t want them to be child stars and actors now. It was just kind of a special experience that we all had and loved and they had a great time.”

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So if her dad has her way, India Hemsworth won’t be playing Love again in the MCU. The big question is what happens to her character. A replacement would probably be the most obvious solution, after all, “Thor: Love and Thunder” made it clear that the thunder god found a new meaning in his life in his role as adoptive uncle. Accordingly, he and Love would have to form a duo for the foreseeable future, which could also lead to an interesting dynamic within the MCU. Especially since Love was endowed with divine powers thanks to the revival by the cosmic entity Eternity. Simply writing such a powerful and, as mentioned, important character out of the franchise might seem awkward to audiences.

It will certainly be a few years before “Thor 5” will appear, but it is currently unknown whether the god of thunder will appear somewhere else. Accordingly, it would probably make sense to let Love age and, as a result, cast her with a new actress. That should certainly be in the interests of Papa Hemsworth. Of course, Indiana also has to play along. If she decides to continue playing in the MCU instead, we’ll be curious to see if her father can’t be persuaded to let his daughter become a real child star.

Along with Chris Hemsworth’s three children are Natalie Portman’s son and daughter, Christian Bale’s daughter and son, and a daughter of Thor: Love and Thunder director and co-writer Taika Waititi. In an interview with , the New Zealand filmmaker revealed how this came about

“It wasn’t always the plan. The idea came up when Chris was talking about India. And he was like, ‘Oh, you know, it would be really cool if I did a scene with my daughter.’ I’ve been looking around like, oh, Everyone have children. All of these actors have children.”

All the kids even had another role in the film, as Waititi revealed afterwards:

“My daughter was watching me one day while I was writing the script and she looked over my shoulder and said, ‘What is a shadow demon?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know.’ And she went on to ask, ‘What does he look like?’ So she went off and drew one. I thought, ‘I wonder if that would be a cool monster.’ So I gave it to the visual development department and they turned it into a fully rendered monster. And then I started asking everyone else in the office. I was like, ‘Get your kids to draw some monsters.’ And then suddenly we had a collection of monsters. So all these monstersthat Gorr summons look crazy because they designed by children became.”

Christian Bale also revealed that his kids know exactly which monsters they drew in the film, which they’ll be bragging about decades from now. According to the Gorr actor, Taika Waititi also helped transform work on Thor: Love and Thunder into a “really family-friendly environment.” So it sounds like everyone involved had a lot of fun making the film and you can now have a lot of fun with the result, because “Thor: Love and Thunder” is currently running in German cinemas.

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