Chris Evans Reveals Which MCU Costume He Thinks Is Better Than Captain America’s

Chris Evans, known as the eternal Captain America of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, was reunited with director Taika Waititi recently for an interview game.

One of the questions that came up involved the star’s honest opinion about his character’s wardrobe, if he thought he was the best in Marvel.

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Evans, however, was very modest in his response, stating that other characters such as Black Widow, Thor, and Spider-Man are far better than Cap in terms of costume appearance.

“It’s the suit for him, and it works for him. But, if we’re measuring it against all the Avengers… Let’s be honest, it’s not the best,” he admitted. “They’re all better than mine. be Scarlet [Johansson]be [Chris] Hemsworth, be Tom Holland.”

Check out the interview below:

Chris Evans talks about Captain America

Brandon Davis, from the website comic bookrecently caught up with the actor during promotional events for the debut of Lightyear, where he voices the title character, but ended up talking about rumors of Evans returning to play Steve Rogers.

Evans knows his fans would love to see him back in the role of Captain America, but the veteran MCU star said it’s not as easy as it sounds:

“This seems like something people would like to see. I don’t want to let anyone down, but it’s hard… It’s been such a good journey and I’m really happy about it. It’s so precious to me. It would have to be perfect.”, she reveals.

“It would be scary to spoil something that is, again, so dear to me. This role means a lot to me. So to revisit it would be a difficult task.”

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