Chris Evans’ hilarious reaction when asked if he would date Sharika

A few days ago, Shakira announced her separation from Gerard Piqué after weeks of speculation over one couple crisiswho had more than 10 years together and two little sons.

Although the cause of the separation has not been revealed, one of the most widespread rumors on social networks is a alleged infidelity of the central defender of FC Barcelona, ​​a version that has not been confirmed or denied by the singer or the footballer.

As you remember, the couple met during the promotional recordings of the 2010 South Africa World Cup, when the Colombian performed the official theme and the Spanish participated in the official video.

The Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique and Shakira, when everything was happiness in the couple. (Photo: Bryan R. Smith / AFP)

At that time, the interpreter of “Congratulations” came out of a stormy relationship with Antonio de la Rúa, while the center-back obtained his first achievements with the Catalan club.

After the separation was known, many users speculated that actors Chris Evans and Henry Cavillwho played the Captain America and Superman, would be interested in the 45-year-old singer.

The Colombian singer would be outside of Spain, according to close sources.  (Photo: GTRES)
The Colombian singer would be outside of Spain, according to close sources. (Photo: GTRES)


Recently, Chris Evans was consulted during the presentation of “Lightyear”, the spin-off of the tape “Toy Story” based on the origin of the intergalactic traveler, where he participates, about a possible interest in Shakira.

Although the actor was surprised by the “I ship”, Insinuating that he was not aware of the rumors that linked them to the Colombian, he did not hesitate to participate in the jokes about it.

No, I was not (aware) it did not happen much on social networks, but she is spectacular”, he confessed.

While watching a series of memes that the “Despierta América” reporters showed him about Shakira, Henry Cavill and him, the 40-year-old actor did not hesitate to admit that “Superman could beat Captain America”.

Similarly, when asked about the possibility of having a date with the pop singer, Evans smiled nervously and avoided answering.

What if he went out with her? Are you trying to contact me with Shakira? This is too much for the camera”, he sentenced.


The rumors of the separation between Shakira and Piqué began a few weeks ago, coinciding with the news that Chris Evans began to follow the interpreter of “Barefoot” on social networks, which, users assured, would be proof of an attempt to approach.

Evans is one of the hottest bachelors in hollywoodin addition to one of the most renowned actors in the industry, mainly after being part of the iconic team “avengers”.

To this, in addition, it was added that the Colombian also gave “Follow” to the official profile of the American artist.

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