Chris Daughtry’s step daughter lost an eye in a shootout

Hannah Daughtry was the victim of a violent crime even before her tragic death. The musician’s stepdaughter Chris Daughtry was found dead in her Nashville apartment on Friday. Hannah was just 25 years old. The police are currently apparently assuming that the young woman was murdered. Already a few years ago Hannah Victim of serious attack. In 2018 someone shot her in the eye.

That gave Chris‘Stepdaughter herself at that time Facebook known. Accordingly, a friend brought her to an area in the city of Humboldt where she “did not feel safe”. There some teenagers tried to shoot their boyfriend in order to get into a gang – but Hannah had intervened. “I noticed that their gun was not unlocked. When I noticed that they were trying to shoot him, I tried to hit them with my car. They shot me in the face.”It said in her post at the time.

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Hannah had to undergo an operation after the terrible incident and has been dependent on an eye prosthesis ever since. Made at the time of the shooting Hannah already having a very difficult time anyway. “I was blind for about two weeks. That happened right after my father committed suicide by shooting himself. That was a lot at once.”she wrote at the time.

Chris Daughtry, September 2021
Chris Daughtry with stepchildren Griffin and Hannah at the Teen Choice Awards, 2010
Chris Daughtry with his family

Instagram / deanna.daughtry

Chris Daughtry with his family

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