‘Chori’, the street dog who received a diploma for taking care of children at school

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TikTok has become the platform of excellence where one can find all kinds of content and caliber, with pet videos being the ones with the highest reproduction and the following video viral check of it. A stray dog ​​received a diploma for taking care of children at school and the moving scene was staged in Argentina.

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One day, ‘Chori’, a stray dog, came to a primary school and found a family. Teachers and authorities adopted him for his nobility and recently received a diploma with honors for taking care of the children.

This emotional recognition was produced by the Flag Day in Argentina, where one of the authorities presented a speech on the loyalty of the mascot. A teacher carried the dog, who did not stop wagging his tail while they gave him the diploma.

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“We are going to deliver a very special certificate because we continue to integrate everyone, especially animals so that there is no mistreatment, and we have a member who is with us every day from 8:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the afternoon. Take care of the children, don’t bite them.” is heard saying in the video.

After that, the dog went to where the children were, who were lining up and were moved by the heartfelt tribute that “Chori” received. “Made me cry. For more reasons like that.” commented a user, who was moved by the images. The video is trending on TikTok.

When is a diploma awarded?

A diploma is a document issued after the completion of a course, by an educational institution, which states that the recipient has successfully completed the study. Diplomas can also confer an academic degree on the recipient. On the other hand, certificate is a broader term, according to Colfisocv.

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