Chiro Voeren celebrates Christ the King

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On Sunday, November 20, the members, parents and sympathizers of Chiro Voeren went to the Sint-Martinuskerk in Sint-Martens-Voeren for the celebration of Christ the King. EH Jef Lemmens and Sylvain Ernens, both former leaders, led the celebration. According to ancient tradition, all Chiro members and leaders took their vow to ensure that it will be a nice Chiro year. All members then received a badge to affix to their uniform.

After the mass, there was traditionally an extra long Chiro activity, but not without first eating a delicious cup of soup from the cooking mooekes. This day was opened at the youth center De Komberg with a salute to the flag and a group photo. De Chiro has no fewer than 136 members this working year. 15 newcomers, the Ribbles, started with the group for the first time with fun games. (nm)

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