Chiquis, Rosie and the war in Jenni Rivera’s family: the audit, the accusations and everything you need to know

What happened to the family of Jenni Rivera? The children and brothers of the “Diva de la Banda” have entered a conflict zone that the followers have been able to appreciate through social networks and the media. These dimes and diretes involve Chiquis, Rosie, Jaqie, Johnny López, Juan, Lupillo, among other celebrities from Mexico.

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Dolores Janney Rivera Saavedra was the real name of the artist who, unfortunately, died on December 9, 2012 in Monterrey, Mexico, at age 43.

The artist had given a concert at the Monterrey Arena and then, along with six companions, arrived at the Monterrey International Airport to return to Mexico City because it should be part of “Mexico’s voice”, A program in which she participated as a judge.

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His death had an international impact and his name became better known thanks to social networks. In this way, the artist left a legacy of albums and presentations that she made since 1992. Now, the management of her companies is the center of the discord of her family.

Chiquis Rivera as part of “Nuestra Belleza Latina” (Photo: Chiquis Rivera / Instagram)


The controversy in the middle of the family of Jenni Rivera started with the statements of Chiquis who, through his social networks, said that his aunt Rosie and Juan Rivera they would have asked 165 thousand and 300 thousand dollars, respectively, for leaving their jobs at the companies Jenni Rivera Enterprises LLC and Jenni Rivera Fashion LLC.

In addition, Chiquis slipped the possibility that there would have been a theft of 80 thousand dollars during his aunt’s tenure as CEO of the companies. Immediately, the aforementioned responded in their own way.

This has also involved Jonny, the youngest of the children of the “Diva de la Banda”, who said that an audit was carried out to find out everything about his aunt’s work when she was at the head of the companies.

“My answer is that I am not going to answer, I do not give time to those things, I am not going to enter the circus that the media enjoy so much, I have not done it, I am not going to do it, it is not my style. When it is something familiar, much less will I answer in public, it is not my style, it is not what I do “Rosie said on Instagram.

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While, before all this, Lupillo Rivera went out to stand next to his nephews. “You are not doing anything wrong… and yes, your mother’s legacy is yours only… because she worked for you only. You have every right to live on the name Jenni Rivera forever”, Stated el Toro del Corrido” in Chiquis’s publication.

Apparently there is still much more history to learn about the family of the Mexican singer Jenni Rivera, because the defendants have indicated that they will present evidence to defend themselves and the children would remain firm in their comments.

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Rosie Rivera at an event in Los Angeles.  (Photo: AFP)
Rosie Rivera at an event in Los Angeles. (Photo: AFP)


On the other hand, many have recalled that, in May 2021, the enmity between Lupillo and Juan Rivera it revived and eliminated the chances of a reconciliation. According to Juan, Belinda’s ex-boyfriend is the one who has caused the conflicts, even humiliating him on more than one occasion. But the interpreter of “Big leagues” He would have offended not only his brother, but the rest of his family as well.

In an interview with the program Juan confessed that between him and Lupillo there is no type of relationship, but only negative feelings, this because of the attitude that the 49-year-old singer has had towards him. The only way the Riveras could be at peace would be for the older brother to start respecting him.

“There is anger and resentment for things that have already happened, but as I have said, if my carnal respects me enough not to mention me or give hints, there is no quarrel, I keep quiet. That is, Lupe is 50, I am 43, we are men, we are mature and well, as I told my nephews, if they don’t want me to answer, then don’t mention me “said the husband of Brenda Rivera.


The artist Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash when she was traveling, along with six people, from the Monterrey International Airport to Mexico City. That December 9, 2012, after having finished a concert at the Monterrey Arena in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, she left in a private plane to the capital of the Aztec country to appear in the program “La voz”, where she was a jury .

Apparently, everything was going well. She and her companions boarded the private ship at 3:00 a.m. Learjet 25 model with registration number N345MC, which would land at 4:30 a.m. at the Adolfo López Mateos International Airport in Toluca, but this never happened.

Turns out that few minutes after take off, the radars lost contact with the planeTherefore, at 06:00 a.m. a search and rescue protocol was started near the last place known to have flown over the aircraft, but the news was not encouraging, since that same afternoon, Civil Protection authorities reported that a plane had crashed in the Sierra Madre Oriental in the municipality of Iturbide in Nuevo León. It was the ship in which the singer was traveling, confirming her death by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

In addition to Jenni Rivera, all his companions died: Arturo Rivera Ruiz, his public relations officer, the pilots Miguel Pérez Soto and Alessandro Torres Álvarez, the lawyer Mario Macías Pacheco, the makeup artist Jacob Yebale and his hairdresser Jorge Armando Sánchez, known as ‘Gigi’ .

The causes of the accident could not be clarified, according to the general director of Civil Aeronautics, Gilberto López Meyer, so the investigation was closed in December 2014.

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