Chinese romance dramas that will make you believe in true love

China has produced many love-filled dramas for audiences around the world, with great actors and stories, these Chinese romance dramas will captivate you.

The C-Dramas are those series produced in China, this nation has managed to create great stories for the entire audience and with plots very interesting, much of the public has become a fan of the series of this Asian country; there are dramas Chinese of all genres and for all tastes.

Although romantic dramas are usually quite popular, who does not dream of living a love story as beautiful and intense as the ones in these series? With actors quite attractive and true loves, the productions of the chinese tv they enchant everyone.

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So here we recommend some of the best chinese dramas from romance that will make you believe in love with their plots and characters living an adventure full of passion.

5 Chinese romance dramas with a real love story

Year: 2016

Made by: Kim Tae Hwany Janice Wu Qian

This is a dorama de romance and fantasy in which we meet a man with superpowers who had been asleep for centuries, but his path was destined to meet an actress who after an accident manages to wake him up.

Sight ‘My Amazing Boyfriend’ and fall in love with its plot and characters.

Year: 2018

Made by: Zhang Han and Janine Chang

It is C-Drama shows us the story of an eternal love, a young couple who were together for 3 years must separate, since she moves to another country, but 7 years later she returns to regain the love of the boy in her life.

‘Here to Heart’ It will make you believe in true love without a doubt.

Year: 2017

Made by: Tan Song Yun and Jiang Chao

In this romantic drama we will see the story of a boy who falls in love with a designer, she still had feelings for her ex and he decides to find a way to cheer her up and make her fall in love; when he succeeds, perhaps fate wants to separate them.

You can see ‘The Fox’s Summer’ and find out what’s up with these guys so in love.

Year: 2017

Made by: Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai

This romance C-Drama revolves around the story of a 30-year-old designer who loses part of her memory due to an accident, she goes back to when she was 23 years old and although now her ex is her rival and is engaged to another boy, she wants to find out what caused their breakup.

Learn more about this story by watching ‘Stay With Me’.

Year: 2018

Made by: Di Li Re Ba and Deng Lun

In this love-filled drama we see the story of Ling Ling Qi, a girl who is deeply in love with one of her co-workers, fate crosses their paths as they both participate in an experiment to improve their sleep cycles, but something goes wrong and she can sneak into her crush’s dreams every night.

Learn more about this fantastic love story by watching ‘Sweet Dreams’.

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