Chinese missile launches: “A serious problem that affects our security”

“We call for the immediate cessation of the Chinese military exercises” which began Thursday and are to continue until Sunday, added Mr. Kishida after a meeting with the speaker of the American House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who arrived the day before in Tokyo.

He confirmed that Japan and the United States “will continue to coordinate closely to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

Ms. Pelosi, 82, whose first visit to Japan since 2015, provoked the anger of China by going to Taiwan on Tuesday and Wednesday, Beijing considering this autonomous territory of 23 million inhabitants as an integral part of his territory.

China has begun military exercises on an unprecedented scale around Taiwan, using combat planes and helicopters and firing ballistic missiles, some of which are said to have flown over the island and fallen into Japan’s exclusive economic zone for the first time. (EEZ), according to the Japanese Ministry of Defence.

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