Chinese dramas on Viki with historical themes that are very popular

Viki is one of the most popular sites to watch Asian series and hosts a large number of Chinese dramas with a historical theme, magical settings and a dose of romance. What are the most popular? Here we tell you about them.

As you probably already know, this streaming platform has a ratings mode, so in addition to giving us the opportunity to see new dramas, it also lets us see which ones receive the most stars from fans.

Between the chinese dramasthe productions of historical theme and with a dose of fancy are some of the most beloved, but if you don’t want to miss the most popularToday we present some of them.

Keep reading and know some C-Dramas of love with stories full of magic, deities and a period setting that will leave you impressed.

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C-Period and fantasy dramas that conquered all fans

  • Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book

Starring: Dilraba Dilmurat, Vengo Gao

Bai Feng Jiu is the queen of Qing Qiu and she is also a nine-tailed fox, in front of most people she is a brave and strong person, but with the people she trusts she is a spoiled girl. One day her life is in danger and the Emperor of Heaven saves her from her and as her thanks she joins him on a dangerous mission, but she will soon discover that her feelings for him have changed.

Year: 2022

Starring: Leo Wu, Zhao Lu Si

Cheng Shao Shang’s family went almost entirely to war, so she grew up an independent, brave and stubborn girl, but she has a hard time trusting others. When love comes into her life, she will face many doubts, especially since she will be in the midst of several men who have many qualities.

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Ancient Love Poetry

Year: 2021

Starring: Xu Kai, Zhou Dong Yu

The story introduces us to four powerful individuals who are known as the true immortals, they are considered as gods by mortals because they have protected humanity for centuries. Shang Gu is the leader but she sacrificed herself to resolve a conflict, so she stayed in a deep sleep and now she woke up, only she has no memories of who she used to be.

Year: 2017

Starring: Mark Chao, Yang Mi, Dilraba Dilmurat, Alan Yu

Bai Qian used to be a goddess with a lot of power, but when fighting against an evil being she lost her memories and became mortal, it is then that she meets Ye Hua, who is in a similar situation as her. They fall in love and fight to regain her immortality.

Year: 2018

Starring: Deng Lun, Yang Zi, Luo Yun Xi

Jin Mi is a flower fairy daughter of a deity, when she was born, her mother knew that her destiny is facing a great test of love, so she gives her a magic pill that prevents her from falling in love. One day without realizing it, she spits out that pill that remained inside her for years, now she will be in the middle of a love triangle with two powerful deities.

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