China, the Olympic Committee: “The Winter Games will take place regularly without new prevention measures at Covid 19”

The new cases of Omicron in China do not constitute an obstacle to the smooth start of the Winter Olympics a Beijing, which will open the February 4th. He said it Huang Chun, official of the Organizing Committee of the Games of Beijing 2022, in an online meeting, adding that the measures will not be adjusted prevention at Covid 19 “unless there are many cases within the bubble system”. A decision also supported by the spokesperson of the Olympic Committee, Zhao Weidong, which ensures that “whatever difficulties and challenges we may encounter, ours determination to host the successful Games as expected remains firm and unwavering “.

However, it was only on 10 January that the Beijing government expressed its concern for the smooth running of the Winter Olympics, which will be held from 4 to 20 February, due to the first outbreak of the Omicron variant in the nearby Tianjin (2 cases) and two other infections connected and announced today ad Anyang, in Henan. Just Anyang in the morning became the third largest Chinese city in lockdown. His 5.5 million inhabitants are confined to the house for confirmation of two cases of Omicron, linked according to the Chinese authorities to the two positive of Tianjin. If the hypothesis of the connection of the infected between the two cities were confirmed, it would be the first case of internal diffusion beyond the people arriving from abroad and their immediate contacts. With the closure of Anyang, they rise to 20 million Chinese confined to their homes due to Covid: another 13 million people are in lockdown in the city of Xian and 1.1 million a Yuzhou.

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