China Suárez: the messages she sent to Mauro Icardi and that Wanda Nara found on her husband’s cell phone

A new scandal of alleged infidelity has been unveiled and its protagonists are the footballer Mauro Icardi and to María Eugenia Suárez Riveiro, also known as “China Suárez”. The different media reported that the woman sent several messages to her phone, the same ones that were discovered by Wanda Nara, the athlete’s wife.

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Wanda Nara She is married to the Argentine soccer player Mauro Icardi since 2014, after ending her relationship with her first husband Maxi López in 2013. She is also a prominent model and actress who participated in plays from 2005 to 2007.

Also, in 2009 he participated in “The musical of your dreams” and in 2011 he participated in “Bailando 2011”.

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Argentine footballer Mauro Icardi plays for PSG.

Her current husband is Mauro Icardi, current player of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), born in Rosario (Argentina) on February 19, 1993. His position on the field of play is as a forward and he is characterized by being one of the best players in League 1 in France.


The case of alleged infidelity has caused great surprise among fans of the Argentine soccer player.

In that sense, the journalist Angel del Brito, host of the program “El Trece” read the messages that China Suarez sent him to Mauro Icardi. This would have been discovered by Wanda Nara who was able to read the conversations that her husband had with his alleged lover.

Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and Eugenia Suárez
Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and Eugenia Suárez

One of the messages was when China Suarez he says to Icardi: “You are going to separate from your wife”.

I do not speak with married people, but you are my allowed”Read another of the messages.

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A third message would arrive –by China Suárez- where she points out: “It hurts to see you with Wanda”.

According to Infobae, the driver pointed out that Suárez sent the player these chats, but blocked them quickly so that the player could not respond. But that was not all, because, according to the same portal, the journalist said that the actress also communicated with other footballers.

I have three names of players, one will be known soon because the woman wants to talk”, He indicated.

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But this would not have been the only conversation they would have had China Suarez with Mauro Icardi, because, according to Yanina Latorre, he also showed chats of the two characters via Telegram.

Someday we have to get out of the fuck you and me. Somewhere in the world where they don’t know you, hahaha “Suárez wrote.

The player’s response was: “So that? I was bored with the fuck”.

The actress China Suarez has been involved in a case of infidelity with the soccer player Mauro Icardi.
The actress China Suarez has been involved in a case of infidelity with the soccer player Mauro Icardi.

Tower He also maintained that Icardi asked Wanda Nara his phone and inspected his chats, including those on social networks, but when his wife did the same, she found her husband’s conversations with Suárez.

You are the woman of my dreams, my idol, I have seen you since I was little (…) I want to separate from Wanda, but she does not take charge. I don’t want her as a couple anymore. I stopped loving her, I see her as a sister or as a mother”, Icardi would have indicated.

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