China Suárez spoke privately to Chapu Martínez and offered her advice: "They are failures that envy"

After the surprise defeat of Argentina against Saudi Arabia in the World Cup Qatar 2022the fans of the “Scaloneta” pointed against Martín “Chapu” Martínez, who was branded as “mufa” for having been present at the stadium where the match was played and so, received several messages with death threats. In the last hours, the influencer found an unlikely but strong ally in China Suárez.

The anguish of “Chapu” Martínez in Qatar

The actress and model knows better than anyone what it is to be harassed on social mediaafter being designated as the third in discord in the separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardian episode that went down in history as the Wandagate. After enduring months of hate on the platforms, the ex of Benjamin Vicuna The hatred received by “Chapu” and his family was not accepted.

Do you think? A guy that all he does is upload videos to make people laugh. This MUST change. I bench you and hug you tightwrote the china suarez in an Instagram story talking about it. What the public did not know is that the single mother went one step further and He wrote privately to Martínez to offer his support to him and his family.

“He doesn’t know me, he never saw me and maybe I’m out of place for uploading a private conversation, but this is being a fucking human being. Thank you for the love for me and my familywrote the chapu martinez about a screenshot of the private conversation he had on Instagram with the Argentine actress.

The support of China Suárez for Chapu Martínez

“I hug you and hold you tight. I know it’s hard, but those people ARE NOT REAL LIFE. Believe me, I felt that an entire country was stoning me, and it saved me to understand that they do not existbegan writing the former Casi Ángeles. “Enjoy. They are failures who envy, they would love to be there and since they can’t, they behave resentfully.he continued.

Far from falling short, the china suarez was made available to the influencer and his family: “If you need something, whatever it is, you, your wife, your father, son or whatever, count on me. I’m telling you, my mother is extremely distressed and worried about you and your family. If you want, I can call your father and reassure him. I can speak from experience”term.

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