China Suárez negotiates with Marcelo Tinelli his participation in "sing with me now": the details

Full meetings of Marcelo Tinelli with your production, Frederick Hoppe Y Flat Pradato close between 10 and 15 celebrities of the 100 that the jury needs “sing with me now“which will go to El Trece. The negotiation with China Suarez Tinelli is carrying it forward, with a cachet equal to the one he requested Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain when he joined “ShowMatch”. I mean, logical, nothing crazy. Also, Coti, Candelaria, Wirtz, Martin Bossi, Fatima Flores, Fer Dente, they are arming the staff. As for the set design, super modern and complicated, Don Torcuato works hard to see if they reach the date that the channel wants, which is the end of July. It’s going to cost them. Until today, Father’s Day, Tinelli was behind the program.

* * *

Marley had a good plan to spend Father’s Day with Mirko and take advantage of not having to record “The Voice.” They went to Mendoza and went by helicopter to later ski on the Azufre mountain. The driver will record the reality show again in July. Meanwhile, Lali prepares her shows here at Luna Park, and Mau and Ricky are still in Miami, just like her father, Ricardo Montaner. Calmer, Sole chose to be in Arequito, her place in the world, and celebrate Father’s Day with Jeremías, her husband and Antonia and Regina’s father. They have time, only in July do they come back with the recordings.

* * *

After the weekend shows of “La Verdad” with Cachete Sierra, Cande Vetrano, Mery del Cerro and Tomás Fonzi, directed by Ciro Zorzoli in the brand new Politeama, by Juan José Campanella, tomorrow is the grand opening event. The new room, which took years to build, will have political figures such as the Buenos Aires Minister of Culture, Enrique Avogadro, and some from the PRO; personal artist friends, such as Luis Brandoni, Eduardo Blanco and Marcela Tinayre, and an important list of figures. Among them, Mauricio Dayub, Roberto Moldavsky, Paula Chaves, Lizy Tagliani, Rochi Igarzábal, Peto Menahen, Lucas Velasco, Luz Cipriota, Jazmín Stuart, Peque Paretto and Violeta Urtizberea. It is the “event” of the city.

* * *

Paramount plus seeks its place among the most visited platforms and for this it prepares new content. He has “The first of us”, shared with Telefé, he replaced “Loco por vos”, the comedy with Juan Minujín, which he recorded for Telefé, and he has the thriller “Medusa” in edition, with Soledad Villamil, Gastón Dalmau and Cande Vetrano, Directed by Jasmine Stuart. And now “Inadapted” is in production, a strong series that has Maite Lanata in the leading role, accompanied by Ornela D’Elia and Rocío Bilota in the cast that they are putting together.

* * *

The current trend seems to be: “If you’re famous, register your brand.” Indeed, Locho Lucas Mariano Loccisano, former “Combate” and “The roulette of your dreams”, achieved his greatest popularity in “El Hotel de los Famosos”. In fact, he is going to the final, although it does not seem that he is going to arrive (they say that he is between Alex and Martín). The media company filed two applications for the registration of the “Locho” trademark, one in class 38, which protects, among other things, the broadcasting of television programs and radio, television or cable broadcasting services, and another in class 41, which covers a huge list of services related to entertainment and entertainment. Take advantage of his five minutes of fame.

* * *

This section communicated with Fede Bal, who was on the island of Crete, touring Greece for “Rest of the world”, material that will be seen on Saturday, July 3 (the next one goes to Turkey). The actor-driver, accompanied by Sofía Aldrey, confirmed that they are studying the option of getting married in November 2023, and that they called him relatives, friends and mothers surprised by the announcement. He told us that they will not go with Sofia to Spain now. They travel to Israel for at least ten days and then to Egypt. The change of destination was imposed because several of Fede’s friends live in Tel Aviv and invited them.

* * *

Thank God, María Valenzuela is recovering from the surgery, while the dental issue is pending until she can travel to Usuhaia again. Luckily, she also regains her desire to work and on the next 25 she returns with “Eva y Victoria”, while she already has a new offer: the producer Damián Sequeira, host of “·Plan C” in Del Plata, summoned her to replace the comedy left by Arnaldo André in the band. Replacing the Paraguayan actor would be Germán Kraus and the idea is to go on tour starting in September. Everything, if Valenzuela says yes. That’s where they are.


pepe cibrian

A lot of nerve in the organization of the ring blessing party for Pepiton Cibrián and her boyfriend, Nahuel, in the Barracas District. The happy couple will sign the legal, the “Duty of mutual assistance”, on Friday the 24th, to ensure that there will be no abandonment of the person. For the party there are more than 300 guests, each food stall in the place and varied (coeliacs and vegetarians) is by exchange, and the famous will have to take “cool” photos there. Despite that scandalous fight, Pepito, generous, put Georgina as godmother, along with Cecilia Milone. The list includes from Flor de la V, Marcela Tinayre, Carmen Barbieri, Sandra Mihanovich, Juan Rodó, Paola Krum and even the current dancers of “Drácula”. And it is that he has a career of more than half a century.

ivan de pineda

Rating curiosities: Saturday’s most watched “PH (We can talk)”, 9.1 points average, “The world of entertainment”, 6.0; “Knock out”, 1.2; “Cinema of America”, 1.0; “National Cinema”, 0.5, and Jaime Bayly, 0.2. El Trece won from 4:26 p.m. to 10:01 p.m. with “Cine 13”, 6.9, 8.3 and 8.3, while the largest audience on Channel 9 “Vivo para vos”, 1.6, faced “Pasapalabra”, 7.1. The day was taken by Telefe, 7.0; The Thirteen, 6.7; America, 1.7; Channel 9, 1.1; Public TV, 0.4, and Net TV, 0.1. In June, Telefé is ahead, 9, with an advantage of 1.9 points over El Trece. The data corresponds to the pollster Kantar Ibope Media.

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