China Suárez, from her problems with Wanda Nara to the rejection of Ester Expósito by Nicolás Furtado

María Eugenia or better known as The China Suárez has been on everyone’s lips in the last months of 2021. The Argentine actress went from starring in a love scandal with Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara to being rejected by her Spanish colleague, Ester Exposito. Here we tell you what is happening with the model, who has just returned from Spain to finish filming the movie “Objetos” with Álvaro Morte.

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Let’s start by telling that ‘La China’ Suárez had a short relationship with Nico Furtado. As the sentimental bond between the two did not prosper, they opted to put an end to it, and some time later the actor began dating Ester Exposito. In fact, the courtship was confirmed when both posed in a fun selfie, during the Halloween celebrations.

When some media are still talking about the Love mess that ‘La China’ Suárez made with Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara, the journalist Karina Lavícoli said that Elite’s ‘Carla’ would have been angry with the Argentine interpreter for allegedly calling Furtado.

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Eugenia called Nico back. In this period. But he wants to make things right with Esther, so he told her.. He whitewashed him, like a vote of confidence … “, explained in the program ‘Intruders’.


The panelist delved into details of what this was telephone link between ‘La china’ Suárez and Nico Furtado. There, it was learned that the Argentine actress and former partner of Benjamín Vicuña would have claimed the Exposito’s current boyfriend, why he had not defended her in the recent problem she had.

“She called him to claim some things. She is angry and feels that he should have thrown a spear for her. On the other hand, I found out that he feels the same about Benjamin Vicuña. She feels that she was left alone and that no one banked her “Suárez would have said, according to what the journalist told.

The cherry on the cake was put by the protagonist of the Netflix series Elite. The Spanish woman liked a publication in an entertainment magazine that explained why ‘La china’ Suárez had earned the label of “husband-robber.”. This proof of Expósito’s annoyance with Suárez was found by journalist Vicky Braier, recognized in the media as Juariu.

The like of Ester Expósito against ‘La China’ Suárez (Photo: Vicky Braier / Instagram)


When he finished with Benjamin Vicuña, María Eugenia Suárez traveled to Spain to fulfill some commitments related to her acting career. This trip was made with his children Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio. His stay in Madrid meant that, in addition to the Icardi’s deception of Wanda Nara, others will also link her with her ex-partner, Nico Furtado.

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Rumors jumped everywhere and claimed that the Uruguayan actor and the Argentine were having a relationship parallel to the one he had with Ester Exposito. A photograph in a bar in Italy made the interpreter of “El Marginal” mark distance with “La China” and began to publish images with the famous Spanish artist.

At the moment, Nico enjoys the days with his partner Ester, who is 21 years old and is recognized around the world for her role as Carla Rosón, ‘La Marquesita’ in the series “Elite” (2018). The Spanish before was in “Medical Center” (2016), “Vis a vis” (2016) and “I’m alive” (2017). Her last participation as an actress was in “Someone has to die” (2020), playing Cayetana Aldama.

Ester Expósito and Nicolás Furtado walking through the streets of Madrid (Photo: Ciudad Magazine)
Ester Expósito and Nicolás Furtado walking through the streets of Madrid (Photo: Ciudad Magazine)

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