China, maxi-protest at FoxConn iPhone factory over salaries and anti-Covid measures

Video And images posted on social media provide an unequivocal picture: demonstrationssit-ins and clashes with the police in riot gear. A new maxi-protestafter the mass escapes a few weeks ago to escape the lockdownoccurred at the plant FoxConn from Zhengzhouthe heart of the iPhone City Chinese. And the company, after hours of silence and embarrassment, was forced to confirm the “violences” took place during the night and in the morning in the largest iPhone factory in the world Applein the capital of theHenanpromising to “avoid similar incidents” in the future.

The hi-tech behemoth of Taiwan clarified that the workers complained about the pay and the plant conditionsbut denied hosting i new hires with staff positive at Covid. The cause of revoltin fact, is linked to the ban on the maxi-employment of 100 thousand peopleas reported last week by the official Chinese media, with which Foxconn aimed to increase the production and shipments of iPhone 14 in view of the shopping end of the year.

New hires would be insured accommodation And separate work compared to the employees already active in the plant to avoid the risk of contagion: however, things would not have gone like this, causing the discontent. A video shows dozens of night workers confronting officers chanting slogans such as “Let’s defend our rights” or “we want to go home”. The hashtag ‘Foxconn Riots’ on the social Weibo ended up in the shirts of the censorship of the day Great Firewall which, however, was less rigid than usual, leaving posts that spoke of the protests of the largest contractor in the world’s factory assembly of electronic products, capable of occupying up to 300 thousand employees.

That of Foxconn is the spy of a discontent spread in China on the exhausting politics of ‘zero tolerance’ at Covid, defended with sword drawn by the president Xi Jinping. The pandemic situation is worsening while, paradoxically, the national authorities are trying to loosen the containment measures precisely to appease the intolerance of the people: the cases registered on Tuesday rose again, to 29,000while the province of Guangdongthe megalopolis of chongqing And Beijing i am in pain. In the capital, with another 1,500 infections, the district of Chaoyang has turned into one ghost city after the stop in shopping centres, restaurants and schools. Few people on the street and growing residential complexes under lockdown. Even the International Monetary Fund intervened by urging China to strengthen the vaccinations against the virus and to restore confidence in the real estate sector against an economic slowdown destined to have global consequences.

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