China loosens anti-Covid measures: reduced quarantine on arrival, goodbye secondary contacts

Reduction of forty upon arrival in the country, which then passes from ten to eight days, and the abolition of the obligation of identification e isolation for “Secondary contacts”. Now also there China begins to loosen some measures against the COVID-19.

The Asian country is the last major economy to maintain a rigorous health policy for the coronavirus, with borders that remain closed to most citizens foreigners. Beijing’s move, therefore, could mean a minimum change of strategy just at a time when the virus’ rush seems to be resuming in some areas.

In fact, Wednesday, as reported by the Global Timesnew measures have been taken in the area of Guangzhouwhere they were placed lockdownmandatory quarantines e bulk checks. Measures that led to the airports in China to choose to cancel most flights due to an increase in cases.

Over a thousand the planes left on the ground in the Guangzhou airport, where the increase in infections was particularly evident. In two stopovers in Beijing they were canceled further 700 flights. Control measures have not prevented the increase in new cases of infection, from 8,176 to 8,800 between Wednesday and Thursday.

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