china japan war: Japan says suspected Chinese submarine seen near territorial waters

Japan has taught a good lesson to China engaged in implementing aggressive strategy of expansionism in Asia. Recently a Chinese Navy submarine patrolling near Japanese waters was forced away by Japan. Japan’s Defense Ministry said the submarine was sighted near islands located in the southern part of the country. After which many warships and maritime patrol aircraft of the Japanese Navy have been deployed throughout the region.

Submarine was patrolling secretly near Japanese waters
Japan’s Defense Ministry said on Friday morning that the Japanese Navy identified a submarine near Amami shima Island, part of Kagoshima Prefecture. Along with this, a Chinese destroyer was also seen patrolling the nearby area. Since then, Japanese Navy warships have increased patrolling across the area. Maritime patrolling aircraft have also been deployed to keep an eye on China’s incursions into the maritime border.

Japan’s close watch on submarine movements
The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force said that this Chinese submarine has been identified outside our waters. Nevertheless, ships or submarines coming to this area have to make their identity public. But, the Chinese submarine kept its identity hidden. Japan’s Defense Minister Buo Kishi has directed that all kinds of information about this submarine should be collected and its movements should also be closely monitored.

Last year also Japan had driven Chinese submarine
Despite the havoc of the Corona virus, in June 2020, Japan had expelled a Chinese submarine. Indeed, at that time the Japanese destroyer Battleship Kaga had detected a Chinese submarine within 24 nautical miles near the island of Okinawa in southern Japan. After which the Japanese Navy came into action, with the help of its patrolling aircraft, the Chinese submarine was driven out of its waters.

There is a dispute between Japan and China over the islands
There is a dispute between China and Japan over islands located in the East China Sea. Both countries claim these uninhabited islands. They are known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaos in China. The administration of these islands has been in the hands of Japan since 1972. At the same time, China claims that these islands come under its jurisdiction and Japan should give up its claim. Not only this, the Communist Party of China has even threatened military action to capture it.

The Japanese Navy guards these islands
The Senkaku or Diaos Islands are currently guarded by the Japanese Navy. In such a situation, if China tries to capture these islands, then it will have to fight a war with Japan. However, it will not be easy for China, which is the third largest military power in the world, to do so. Last week also several Chinese government ships reached near the island, after which the possibility of a collision also increased.

Japan China Tension 01

Japanese warship and Chinese submarine (file photo)

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